Muskurane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 27th July 2022 Written Update: Kabir promises Katha to get Rahul punished


Muskurane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 27th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Yuvan getting shocked seeing Katha with a stick. Tony and Bhushan hide behind the curtain and discuss she may expose him. Savitri and others come out and tell about the Mazgad ritual. Neelam and Gunjan ask Devraj to defend himself with his stick. Savitri supports Katha. Kabir goes to Katha. He says I know you’re tired so just touch him. Katha touches Devraj with a stick.

Kabir says the ritual is ended. Savitri says it’s not ended as Yuvraj is left. Madhu asks Yuvraj to not get defeated. Tony says she got the opportunity to beat him. Manju asks Kabir to go. Kishore says you got a good opportunity Katha so use it to change him. Kabir and Manju ask her to use the opportunity.

Katha sees Yuvraj and recalls how he cheated on her. Katha walks forward but he moves back. Katha beats Yuvraj with a stick. She says you act good and innocent in front of your family and these people don’t know that an animal is hidden behind your innocent face and what did you think I will sit quiet and won’t tell the truth to anyone? Katha says you cheated your whole family and I will make you get your punishment. Katha tells Kabir that it’s Yuvraj who is her culprit and did wrong with her. Kabir gets shocked. His family members stand confused.

Savitri asks if she knows Yuvraj from before? Katha says he trapped me and cheated me by using my body. Savitri confronts Yuvraj and asks him what he did. Savitri in tears says her brought up can’t be wrong. Madhu and Manju stop their mom. Katha beats him more in tears that he doesn’t deserve to live. Kabir holds Katha’s hand. Katha comes out of her imagination. Gunjan asks why she is losing somewhere. Kabir notices she is hurting her hand. He tells his mom that they can do other rasams tomorrow. He takes Kabir with him.

Yash sends Madhu to talk with her Mom. Madhu asks her mom if she is happy as no ritual happened properly. Savitri says bad times are gone and they have blessings of Baba and Naini maa so I feel Katha will bring us good luck. She leaves. Neelam indirectly tells Madhu that Katha maybe a threat to them. Kabir treats Katha’s hand. He asks her what happened? Why she look tensed? Katha signs no. Kabir requests her to share her problem with him. He asks if she is missing her family?

He tells her he can do anything for her. Katha thinks how to tell him about Yuvraj and he is becoming Grahan in their relationship and life. She gets pain in her stomach. Kabir asks her to control her stress and tells her that they can do anything when they are together. He asks the baby to not give stress on her mom. Katha goes.

Katha stands infront of the mirror in tears. She tries to remove her jewellery. Kabir goes to help her. Katha turns in anger recalling Yuvraj. Katha in tears tells him she doesn’t know what’s happening to her. Kabir says he didn’t leave you, forget about him as he is not here and I won’t let you feel alone in this life. He makes her sit and removes her jewellery. Katha sees the room and tells sorry Kabir.

Kabir says it’s the love of my family but we can forward in our relationship when you started loving me and I will wait for your love for a lifetime and we can take this step when I find Rahul and make him get punished. Kabir makes a promise to her. Katha thinks don’t promise me as I can’t imagine how you feel when you find Yuvraj is my culprit. He hugs her. Katha cries. Kabir tells her he will fill her life with love so she doesn’t have any place for tears.

Episode ends.

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