Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 18th March 2023 Written Update: Vidhi faces tough situation


Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 18th March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Dev appreciating Abhimanyu’s driving skills. He asks him to stop the car to drink tea. Meanwhile, Amba mentions Vidhi as the new mom. She asks her how she is handling all this. She is aware that she isn’t happy at all. Vidhi gives a fitting reply to her. She adds that she prepared these sweets for Chithra and Vickram. She forcefully feeds the sweets to Amba to make her shut her mouth. She says to her that she is aware that Amba’s hands are behind this mess. Meanwhile, Dev gifts a lens of objectivity to Abhimanyu. He says to him that it’s helped him a lot balance his life. Dev adds that the responsibilities on Abhimanyu’s shoulders are now.

Dev says to him that he likes to drink juice using a straw. He was adamant about drinking tea using a straw. His father advised him not to do it, but he didn’t give heed to his words. He realises the reality when his tongue burns. He compares the life lesson with it. He shouldn’t look down on his talent. Dev motivates him. Later, Vidhi says to Amba that Dev’s relationship with her got stronger because of her. She adds that she will send her out.

Meanwhile, Divya asks Abhimanyu to check the file. But he didn’t give permission to her. Dev asks her to come inside. She informs him that something is wrong with this account. One company has a 1% share in our company. But he is sharing 25% shares now. It’s not good for our company. Abhimanyu says that she isn’t an M.D of this company. Dev says to him that he shouldn’t ignore this matter like that. Dev checks the files and feels suspicious. Divya thinks that Dev is understanding the matter. Vidhi is helping Simi to study. Dhamayanthi asks her when she will prepare food for them? If she is tired, then call the servant back.

Vidhi tells her that she was studying and teaching Simi. She has already prepared the food for them. Satyavati asks her to continue it. They will take care of it. Priya says that it’s hard to control Vidhi now. How will she handle her after she completes her MBA? Later, Dev says to Abhimanyu that he isn’t concentrating on his accounts. Abhimanyu misunderstands his intentions. Dev explains the situation to him. He contacts Yogesh.

Abhimanyu asks Yogesh to meet him asap. He wanted to cross check his account details. Yogesh refuses to meet him. He says that he isn’t refusing to meet him to avoid him. Kanika is alone at home. He has to take care of her. If there is any emergency, he has to stay with her. He asks Abhimanyu to meet him at home. Abhimanyu asks him to meet him when he is free. Yogesh thinks that he got enough time to destroy the evidence. Later, Vidhi is massaging Dhamayanthi’s leg. Dev asks Vidhi to prepare for her MBA. Dhamayanthi says that he is trying to romance with her. Priya asks Vidhi to help Simi to do her homework. Vidhi finishes her work.

Dev asks Vidhi to prepare for her MBA. She feels sleepy. He prepares coffee for her. Dhamayanthi insults Dev for helping his wife. He adds that it’s not wrong to help his wife. Dhamayanthi makes faces after hearing it. Vidhi falls asleep, Dev thinks that she was tired due to work stress. Later, Vidhi’s classmates congratulate her. Her professor lashes out at Vidhi for missing her class for the wedding. He humiliates her in front of everyone.

Episode ends

Precap: Yogesh will alert Amba that Dev trying to find the culprit.

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