Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 27th July 2022 Written Update: Dev supports Vidhi


Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 27th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Dev tries to help Vidhi to show direction. Dev’s hand mistakenly hits the tray and it’s slips down. Vidhi gets nervous seeing the broken glass and fears what will Urmila tells her. Dev tells her it’s broken they can’t do anything with it. Vidhi keeps collecting the broken pieces and hurts her hand.

He offers kerchief to her but she denies it reasoning it’s neat. He offers money to her seeing Amba there but she refuses to get it. He gives his ring to her and says she can visit his office in two days and get money returning this ring to him. He leaves from there. Vidhi mentions him as uncle which make Amba laugh. Later Sathyavath asks Dev why did he looking so tensed? He assures her as nothing.

Meanwhile Urmila gets disappointed when customers complaints her work and gives less pay to her. Vidhi comes there and tells her that bowl broken. Urmila says to her she is good for nothing and takes her from there. Vidhi tries to tell her Dev broke it but she didn’t give heed to her. Dev gets uncomfortable seeing Amba staring him.

Hariprasad notices Urmila brings Vidhi back to home. She complaints to him that she made her loss 16 thousands. She didn’t get her pay properly first and she broke her 9 thousand worth bowl. Vidhi tries to explain her that Dev gave ring to her instead but she is not giving heed to her words at all.

Hariprasad supports Urmila there and assures her that he will return her money in 2 days. She is not listening to him but he promises to her. Later Amba says to Dev that today they will get hot couple trophy today. Dev ignores her feeling uncomfortable. Meanwhile Hariprasad scolds Vidhi why did she being so careless in this matter? She rushes inside crying. Her sister talks with her in consoling way.

Vidhi’s mom ask Hariprasad why did he scold her before he learn whether she commit that mistake or not? He asks her whether she done it or not it’s not a matter here. She is not learning to deny it. She asks him when did she deny it? Hariprasad tells her that she wanna learn to talk back or else she will suffer in her husband house.

Vidhi shows ring to her sister. She takes it near her mom but she didn’t find out anything. Her dad checks that ring personally and gets shock. He demands his family members to closes the door and window immediately. His wife closes the door and demands him what’s the matter.

He says to her this ring worth 40 lakhs. She faints hearing it. Meanwhile Sathyavath thinking about her daughter. Dev comes near her and enquires her Is everything going well? She tells him when he is here nothing will go wrong here. He is taking care of everything as a father.

She notices his ring missing there. Dev tells her that he gave it to someone else. Dev gets a phone call and informs to her that Devi pooja completed well in Chitra’s house. She feels happy to hear it. His brother praises the wedding arrangements. He asks Dev why did he gave ring to that girl instead of paying amount to her. She says to him that girl won’t return with that ring because her life is settled there.

Dev assures them that she will definitely come back with that ring. His brother challenges him. Hariprasad asks his family members to take care of this ring well and return it to him. No one should open their mouth about it. Whole family awake whole night to return the ring to him. Hariprasad says to Vidhi that she gets Urmila’s money from him and return it to her.

Episode end

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