Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 3rd February 2023 Written Update: The Sharma family have an unexpected visitor at their home


Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 3rd February 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Dev colliding with a girl. She apologizes to Dev and leaves from there. She visits Vidhi’s house. Seema stops her and asks her to remove her shoes. She shouldn’t enter inside wearing shoes. Milapini Devi’s temple is here. Urmila makes faces seeing her appearance. She hugs Bimla and shares her happiness with her. She mentions everyone’s name. Everyone looks confused seeing her. She asks them. Don’t they recognise her? She introduces her as Yamini’s daughter, Divya. Everyone welcomes her happily. Hariprasad asks Bimla. Did she invite Yamini? She denies it, reasoning she didn’t get enough time to welcome in this short time. She shares with Bimla that she learnt about this wedding from social media. Her mom said to her that a meaningful wedding would take place in India. So she is here to attend her cousin’s wedding. She asks Hariprasad for permission to stay in their house. Hariprasad gives permission to her. She asks Bimla to apply mehandi in her hand. She nods to her.

Dev enjoys Abhimanyu’s dance. Satyavati stands beside Dev. Dev shares with his mom that he is missing Chithra. Satyavati says that Amba won’t allow her to attend his wedding. He shows a locket to him. He adds that Chithra gave it to him. Meanwhile, Divya shows her new clothes to her. Vidhi says to her that she isn’t allowed to wear this dress at a wedding. Bimla gifts a new dress to her. Bimla wishes to talk with Yamini. She tells her that she wants to apologise to her for not inviting her. Divya assures her that she is nothing to worry about. She is here to attend Vidhi’s wedding on behalf of her parents. She spends quality time with Vidhi’s family. Seems teases Vidhi with Dev’s name. She praises their love story. Vidhi touches the bracelet and blushes.

Divya asks Vidhi to share her love story with her. Vidhi expresses her happiness with her. She shares her love story with Divya. She adds that love doesn’t have any age limit. She even mentioned him as an uncle at their first meeting. Divya inquires her about the scandal and media issues. Vidhi tells her that they face everything together. Vidhi shares her love story with her. Divya feels upset hearing it. She makes faces. Divya tells her that he knew him well. She is his college junior. She heard a lot about Dev Raichand at her college. She wishes to meet him once. He is her ideal. Vidhi tells her that he will be happy if he hears about her. Divya says that he has something to deal with. She recalls the way she collided with him.

Kanika welcomes Dev and Vidhi onto the stage. Hariprasad was disappointed to see the alcohol party there. Satyavati asks him not to mind it. A fair competition between Raichand and Sharma’s family. Dev and Vidhi give a rating to their performance. Kanika apologizes to Vidhi for ragging her in office. Yogesh and Kanika recreate Dev-Vidhi’s love story. Amba takes alcohol during stress. Divya greets Dev. Vidhi introduces Divya to him. Golden takes her from there. Dev inquires Vidhi about Divya. Later, Dev and Vidhi win a game and dance together. Amba enters the venue in an intoxicated state. She creates a scene there. Dev lashes out at her.

Episode end

Precap; Priya will announce a dance performance on the stage. Vidhi and Dev will give a special dance performance on the stage. Priya will ask a few questions to Dev about Vidhi in a game.

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