Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 4th March 2023 Written Update: Dev lashes out at Vidhi


Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 4th March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Abhimanyu saying to Priya that he needs a divorce. Satyavati says that he lost his mind. No one has divorced yet in the Raichand family. Abhimanyu says that Priya isn’t like Satyavati. Satyavati and Dhamayanthi inquire him what Priya did to him? Priya lies to her that nothing happened. Abhimanyu brings Rakesh there. He introduces him to everyone and says that he beat him in front of the public. Because he has had an affair with Priya.

Amba and Yogesh are watching the live recording. Amba says to Yogesh that Abhimanyu has no idea what’s waiting for him. Rakesh accepts in front of everyone that he had an affair with Priya. Priya denies it and informs Abhimanyu that he was blackmailing her. Abhimanyu says that he won’t blackmail her without any proof. Rakesh pretends to apologize to Abhimanyu for leaving him. Dhamayanthi supports Priya and tells him that he may threaten her for money. Abhimanyu shows their pictures to Satyavati. Everyone is shocked to see the picture of them.

Abhimanyu asks Priya to leave. Amba and Yogesh appreciate Abhimanyu’s dare. He made the right decision this time. Abhimanyu pushes Rakesh out of the house. The video connection turns off. Amba says to Yogesh that she missed watching the climax. It was an interesting movie then. Meanwhile, Abhimanyu says to Satyavati that Simi doesn’t deserve such a mom. He demands Priya leave.

Dhamayanthi asks him not to discuss it in front of outsiders. He says that she brought outsiders to the house. Priya mentions Abhimanyu as a spineless man. She wouldn’t have gone behind someone else if he was right in his place. He showed his love to her after marriage and she was pregnant with Simi. But he didn’t care about her after that. Doesn’t she deserve happiness in her life? He is not able to send her out of this house.

Priya is angry at Abhimanyu and throws the plate at him. But it hit Vidhi’s head. Dev asks them what is going on here? Abhimanyu scolds Priya for beating Vidhi. Abhimanyu starts breaking the plates. Dev tries to control him. Priya asks Abhimanyu to look at him. Who would dare to love him? Vidhi tries to console him but Abhimanyu informs her that she is in an affair with someone else. Vidhi asks them to stop it. Simi will hear it. Simi fainted down in shock. Vidhi rushes near her. The doctor checks her and informs everyone that she fainted in shock. Priya informs Satyavati that Vidhi is with her.

Abhimanyu blames Priya is the reason for her state. He asks her not to pretend to be a good mom. Priya argues with Abhimanyu again. Dev asks them to stop shouting. Abhimanyu demands Priya to leave this house. Priya says to him that this house is in her name. She is the legal owner of this house. So he is not able to kick her out of the house. But she is able to divorce him and kick him out of the house. Dev asks them to do whatever they want but stop fighting. Vidhi stops them and explains to them that Simi needs parents’ love. They shouldn’t make a wrong decision for Simi’s sake.

Later, Dev scolds Vidhi for interfering in Priya’s matter. He adds that everyone has a personal space here. Vidhi tells him they are family. She isn’t able to see her family breaking in front of her eyes. Dev and Vidhi ended up arguing with each other.

Episode end

Precap; Vidhi will inform him that she won’t forgive him if he hides anything from her. Dev will complain that she was often mentioning it. He will demand her to say what mistake he made?

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