Namak Issk Ka 1st April 2021 Written Update: Yug denies everything the next morning.


Namak Issk Ka 1st April 2021 Written Update on

Raunak and Iravati fix wires in Kahani’s bed. He thinks what all is Iravati making him do,he wanted to set flowers in Kahani’s bed and now Iravati is making him set wires on her bed. Raunak tells what if Lucky or Rani sit on this bed before Kahani? Iravati tell this would be their luck and Kahani will leave the house afraid of their death. Kahani comes home with Intoxicated Yug. Saroj slaps Yug and asks where were you?

Kahani tells he is my husband and is not even conscious so atleast wait for him to regain consciousness and then you can ask him whatever you want. Kahani tells Gunjan to stay away from Yug. Raunak tells Kahani will break her promise and won’t leave the house. Rani tells she will call police and complain about Iravati. Grandmother tells I have never seen a house like this. Raunak tells Kahani took Yug with her and what if something happened to Yug?

Saroj tells today it is fault of my son more than Kahani so let’s wait for him to gain consciousness. Kahani makes Yug sleep on her bed but he is saved from the shock because of power cut. Kahani tells I won’t let Yug go anywhere. Raunak tells if I did not cut electricity,my brother would have died along with Kahani. Iravati removes the wire from Kahani’s bed and Raunak turns power back on.

Gunjan asks Kahani how can you stoop so low? Kahani tells Yug married me forcefully but he gave me right to his sindoor and house. Kahani tells I won’t leave this house after Ravikant gains consciousness. Saroj tells so now you are being greedy? Kahani tells today Yug told me that he loves me and if a wife gets her husband’s love she can win any fight. Kahani tells them to believe that today her husband has accepted her so she won’t care about their taunts anymore. Kahani tells them they can take as much time they want but they will have to accept her love. Gunjan tells I will ask Yug about all this. Kahani tells Yug is sleeping so no need to disturb me.

Kahani tells today Yug confessed his feelings to me,now I am not just his wife but his love too. Iravati tells Kahani dancer. Kahani tells now I am daughter-in-law of this house so call me by my name. She tells I promised you I won’t tell my feelings to Yug but if he tells I won’t stay quiet. Rupa tells Gunjan to ask Yug himself when he gains consciousness. Kahani tells today you drank a little thandai and became so sweet that you confessed your love to me. Kahani tells I have heard a lot from people but you are the first one to tell I love you to me. I was breathing till today but now I have started living. She thanks Yug for giving her the chance to be his love.

Kahani tells now I can tell everyone I know how to join people’s heart and house. Rani shows Kahani pictures of her and Yug. Lucky tells you two are looking so cute together. Yug wakes up in the morning and Kahani is sleeping on the floor near his bed. Yug asks Kahani why did she bring him here? Kahani tells now I am not afraid of anyone. She tells now tell explain to your family and takes him in front of everyone. Grandmother tells now again new day will begin with new drama.

Kahani tells Yug to tell everyone. Yug asks what should I tell them? Kahani tells him to tell them that he told her that he loves her yesterday. Yug tells what are you saying? Kahani tells don’t you remember hugging me and applying Gulal to me? Yug tells I am about to marry Gunjan how can I say something like this. Kahani tells I am not a liar and I can prove it I have pictures in my phone but she cannot find any pictures. Yug tells yesterday was Holi so we might have played but that doesn’t mean you will say anything. Saroj tells he is my son. Kahani asks Yug doesn’t he remember anything? He tells Kahani not to fall so much and tells I can’t understand why you are doing all this? Gunjan tells this is her everyday drama let us go from here and takes Yug with her.