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Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani even being a new show on Star Plus is doing well in catching viewer’s attention. It is its gripping storyline and concept that is keeping viewers hooked to their Television screens daily at 7 PM. The upcoming episodes of the show will witness Shaurya and Anokhi’s trials to decode their feelings for each other. And Devi and Tej’s trials to keep Shaurya and Anokhi away from each other.

In the last episode, Whole Sabherwal family discussed and guessed Shaurya’s described dream girl. Scared Devi thought to bring back Shagun in Shaurya’s life to distract Shaurya from Anokhi. While Bebo and Anmol’s romance was also shown.

Ahir and Shaurya got teased by co-employees and Kanchan respectively with Anokhi’s stuff and name. After a tiff with Anokhi, Shaurya bought flowers for her but got upset on knowing that she didn’t came to the restaurant on his invitation.

In the upcoming episodes viewers will get to watch that Shaurya gets upset on knowing that Anokhi didn’t came with other students for lunch. Bebo and Kitty make fun of Anokhi. Shaurya initially gets happy seeing Anokhi in the restaurant but later gets upset too seeing Ahir with her.

Devi and Shagun have a tiff about their past. Shagun says Shaurya doesn’t even remember her. Shaurya struggles seeing Anokhi with Ahir and he decides to have lunch somewhere else with his students. While Devi tries convincing Shagun to come in Shaurya’s life, Shagun doesn’t get convinced.

Shaurya in bad mood screams on Kitty and Bebo. Shagun tries to leave but Devi tries stopping her by asking does she still love Shaurya. Ahir and Anokhi sees Shaurya in the same restaurant. Shagun gets angry on Devi for showing fake thoughts about her education as compared to past. Ahir and Shaurya a have tiff.

Devi tries manipulating Shagun by saying Shaurya tries searching her in every girl. Anokhi gets confused by Shaurya words to Ahir. Shaurya screams on her for talking in between.

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Will Anokhi and Shaurya’s pure love win against Devi’s evilness? Will Shagun help Devi in separating Shaurya and Anokhi? Or will she unite them instead? What will be Shaurya’s reaction on catching Bebo and Anmol together? Is Ahir falling for Anokhi too? Whether Shaurya be able to find out his family’s ugly truth? Will the kidnapper reveal Devi and Alok’s name to Ahir?

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