Namak Issk Ka Upcoming Story : Yug doesn’t let Kahani leave.


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Iravati comes down wearing ghunghroo,Grandmother shows she is also wearing ghunghroo. Gunjan and Juhi also Yug’s mother that they have ghunghroo in their legs. Rupa tells now we are all dancers. Yug’s mother was dreaming all this and gets shocked. Yug’s grandmother tells this is what happens when we keep dancer in our house,the house is no longer house it becomes a centre for enjoyment. Yug’s mother tells Kahani to leave her house and she tells Yug not to come in between. My family is bigger than rituals for me and it is enough now so leave the house.

Yug’s mother slaps Kahani and insults her. She tells dancers like you are reason for breaking house. She tells I accept I am a fool but now I have understood now that my house will become a centre of entertainment for others if this dancers stay here. She tells Kahani to leave from there and leave them all alone. Kahani tells even I made a mistake,I forgot that dancers are just a toy. People living in big houses can give me gold but they can’t give me respect.

Raunak tells now I will see how Yug’s sindoor can save you and your brother and sister. Raunak tells I will stoop low till patal but I will get you anyhow. Kahani tells I will fight with the entire world for my brother and sister. Iravati throws Kahani but Yug saves and holds her in his arms. He holds Kahani’s hand and tells Kahani will stay in this house. Yug’s mother tells have you fallen in love with this dancer?

Yug tells I will never love her but I will never let her leave this house. Iravati tells every decision in this house is decided by everyone’s agreement. So even today two of us has to support her staying in this house. Ravikant raises his hand in Kahani’s support. Yug tells now two of us want Kahani to stay here so she will stay her. Kahani asks Yug to leave her hand and let her go.

Yug drags Kahani inside the bedroom. Kahani tells why are you stopping me here? She tells I maybe nothing for you but I am the world for my brother and sister and your brother will keep creating trouble for them. Yug tells I will take care of your brother and sister.

Gunjan asks Ravikant why did he stop Kahani in this house? She tells Yug is my dream and if this dream breaks,I will break too and you will be responsible for that. Iravati tells you supported Kahani so now Iwill punish you. She throws Ravikant from the chairs and threatens to kill him. Ravikant tells God this time I didn’t do any mistake I just saved my daughter from becoming homeless.

Yug’s mother locks herself in her room. She tells husband’s support is the most important for a wife. She tells I am not alone to blame for whatever is happening. Everyone tries to open the door.Raunak enters Kahani’s room and locks the door.