Nima Denzongpa 14th June 2022 Written Update: Nima learns the truth


Nima Denzongpa 14th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Manya, She complaints to Nima that she will end up in big trouble if Bimla comes here. Nima assures her nothing will go wrong. Priyal comes there and gets surprise to see Manya there. Manya asks her Is she need anything? Priyal tells her she need Virat. Nima gets shock to see Priyal there.

Hearing sound Priyal gets alert and search whom hiding there but Krish saved Nima there. Later Sunita learns from Sia that she is collecting money to survive in Dubai. She worries about her. Meanwhile Nima confronts Manya what’s going on? Manya shares everything to Nima. She questions her Is she sure Priyal really pregnant or not? Manya assures her that she is pregnant but she is keep blackmail her to kill her baby.

She is psycho that’s why threatening to kill her baby. Nima asks her why didn’t she share it to her before? Manya pleads with her to save her baby what will she do next? Nima tells her let’s discuss about it with Virat. Manya pleads with her to don’t share this to him. Nima says that they might discuss it with him to take a good decision. She asks Manya to maintain that she didn’t share anything to Nima.

Priyal comes there Nima pretends like laughing with Manya. Priyal dislikes it and complaints to her none have food to her last 2 hours. Nima apologize to her and asks her to wait. Priyal sits on Virat’s bed and hugs his pillow and demands her to close the door before leaving. Priyal enquires Manya what did they talked each other in closed room. Manya tells she can able to talk with her mom. Later Priyal demands Manya to give leg massage to her. Manya helps her but she demands Nima to do it. Virat calls her on time and demands her to mention his name without giving respect.

Virat informs her that Krish name came in short list he can attend normal school. Priyal dislikes the way she talking with him. Priyal demands Manya to give angry tablets of Krish to Nima then he will be out of control. Later Virat talks with Sunita he assures her that he will solve this problem asap. While eating breakfast Nima tries to make Virat angry but it’s fails. Manya assures her that she will follow the second plan.

Virat enaquires Nima Is she spills the tea on this table? She pretends like scolding him for pointing her for all mistakes. Virat tells her that she is under pressure that’s why she is behaving like this. He leaves to prepare coffee for her. Nima thinks that she is doing injustice to him. She thinks that she might confess all truth to him.

Here Priyal taunts Manya for the flopped plan..Virat scolds Nima for attending his call which makes Priyal happy. She overhears her conversation. Virat confirms with the person Shiv name is not in the list. Later Manya thank Nima for her help. Nima tells her its better to share everything with Virat. Priyal and Mona are discussing about this matter. Later Nima overhears the way Priyal threatening Manya.

Priyal demands her to create many problems between Virat and Nima. Meanwhile Nima plots against Priyal. Virat moans in stomach pain Nima worries for him but he pulls her close to him. He enquires her what’s bothering her? She apologies to him for poking her head in his private space. He clears to her that he has nothing to hide from his wife. Nima wishes to confess all truth to him.

Episode end

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