Pandya Store 18th June 2021 Written Update: Shiva confronts Prafula and Anita


Pandya Store 18th June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Shiva asking Anita what she’s doing in the garden and what’s in the box. Anita says that she prepared food for Suman and taking it for her. Shiva leaves. Family is gathered and discussing about who poured the oil on the steps. They share their thoughts and deduce it’s someone’s plan. Suman asks Gautam if he consulted the priest for pagphere ki rasam. Gautam says that the next day is an auspicious day for Raavi to go to Prafula and she can return the day after tomorrow. Rishita asks if she won’t perform that rasam. Suman says that her dad is angry, so he won’t come and asks her to go along with Raavi. Prafula will do her rasam. Rishita denies, but Suman says that it’s decided. Rishita has to leave with Raavi.

Gautam finds Shiva tensed and asks him about the same. Krish jokes. Shiva assures Gautam that he’s fine. Shiva wonders how he’s going to make all the arrangements before the pagphere ki rasam. Suman tells Krish to bring Prafula to explain about the pagphere ki rasam and enquire her as well.

Anita meets Rishita and says that she paid for her parcel that Dev canceled. Rishita refuses to take it. Anita says that she got the parcel thinking she will get happy and apologizes to her. Rishita stops Anita and says sorry and accepts the parcel. Anita leaves thinking she won Rishita’s heart.

Shiva is tensed that he couldn’t arrange money and wonders what to do. He hears Gautam and Dhara discussing about finding a good buyer for the land. Shiva sneaks into Dhara and Gautam’s room and takes the property papers. He apologizes to Dhara and Gautam for taking the papers without their knowledge. If they know his motive, they won’t allow him. He will put the papers back before they get to know about it. He leaves. Rishita notices Shiva sneaking out of Dhara’s room hiding something and wonders what he’s upto.

Dhara gives two thousands rupees to Rishita for parcel, but Rishita refuses to take it. She says that someone, who cares for her and who considers her as her sister, got this parcel for her. She leaves. Dhara thinks that Anita would have got Rishita’s parcel. Rishita stops and says to Dhara that she saw Shiva sneaking out of her room hiding something and also he went to take loan, maybe he’s planning to do his own business. She adds that she’s not her children like Krish, Shiva, so she won’t believe her. If she or Dev had done same thing, they would have created a scene.

Shiva goes to his room and sees Raavi sitting near the window. He wonders how to hide the property papers in front of her. He tells her to sleep. As Raavi refuses, Shiva lifts her in his arms and puts her on the bed. Raavi gets up saying she’s absolutely fine. Shiva asks her to prove it by walking till the door. Raavi agrees. Shiva hides the papers in the drawer while Raavi is walking. Dhara brings kada for Raavi and teases her. Dhara asks Shiva if he is happy about opening new branches of Pandya store. He replies positively and asks why she’s asking like that. Dhara says just like that and leaves.

Anita sees Prafula with the box in which there is oil. Anita tries to take it from Prafula and says that she’s doing all this for them. She will get Gautam at any cost. Prafula says that Dhara will never let it happen. Dhara comes there to return Anita her money. Dhara says to Anita that she can’t become her family by calling Suman mom. She warns Anita for trying to break her family and tells her to not spend again money for anyone in her family. She knows to take her of her family. Prafula realizes Anita stole her money. Anita says that it’s between her and Rishita. Dhara says that Rishita is their responsibility and they will take care of her needs.

Rishita goes to Shiva’s room to find what Shiva has stolen from Dhara’s room. She stops at the doorstep on seeing Raavi. Anita tells that Dhara is her friend. Rishita keeps insulting her and she is sad because of that. She wanted to see her happy, she did it for her. Dhara says that she respects her feelings, but she can’t accept this money and asks her to promise that she won’t repeat it again. Anita agrees. Dhara gives her the money. Prafula scolds Anita for stealing her money and walks away. Prafula slips, but Dhara holds her. She notices oil on the ground and asks what’s happening, first Raavi fell, then Suman and now Prafula.

Anita says that she also almost fell three times. She leaves taking Prafula. Dhara cleans the oil and finds that the oil is coming from the box. Shiva comes there and says that the box belongs to Anita. Shiva goes to Prafula and Anita. Suman and all the family members come there. Shiva questions Anita and Prafula if they have poured oil in the house. All look shocked.

The episode ends.

Precap: Prafula confesses her deeds to Prafula. Raavi overhears the same.

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