Parineetii 3rd March 2023 Written Update: Sukhwinder reveals the truth


Parineetii 3rd March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rajeev sitting beside Neeti in the Mandap. The priest asks them to exchange their garlands. They exchanged their garlands. Everyone claps for them. The priest asks them to hold each other’s hands. Neeti recalls Bebe’s words and stares at Parineet. The priest asks Sukhwinder to tie the gantbandhan to the couple. Neeti stops her and asks Parineet to do it instead. Neeti asks Parineet to tie it well. Her relationship with Sanju shouldn’t break. Parineet assures her that it won’t break even mistakenly either. They take pehras together. Neeti says that everyone is happy after betraying her. Why does Sanju keep both his wives in the same house? Who is his love? Parineet or Neeti? She thinks that Sanju won’t betray her, but he breaks her trust. The priest asks Rajeev to fill her hairline with vermillion. Parineet prays to god to keep Neeti always happy.

Neeti thinks that she won’t share her vermillion with anyone. It’s hers. She will take back her rights. Neeti hugs Bebe. She whispers to her that she will be with her. Neeti and Rajeev take blessings from family members. Parineet congratulates her by hugging Neeti. Parineet asks her why she is looking dull? She lied to her that she wasn’t feeling well. She did many things to her which no one dare to do. She went extremely to make her happy. Parineet tells her that she will do anything to make her happy. Neeti tells her that she can’t be able to fool her again. Bebe manages the situation there by saying she learns about Parineet’s special performance for her. Parineet says to her it’s a special day for her, so she gives a special performance to her.

Neeti thinks that she made her a fool. Parineet and Babli are dancing together. Rajeev enjoys her performance. Neeti gets irritated when she notices Rajeev dancing with Parineet. She comes in between them and separates them. Sukhwinder takes Neeti from there and asks her what happened to her? She is hiding something from her. Neeti recalls the past. Sukhwinder says that she is aware of Neeti’s every move. She can’t hide anything from her. Neeti says to Sukhwinder that she was betrayed. She trusted Parineet a lot though she betrayed her. She is married to Sanju and is staying in this house. Everyone is aware of the truth. Neeti says that she is hiding something from her. Sukhwinder cries in guilt. Neeti asks her if she is aware of the truth. Sukhwinder tells her that she knows the truth. She scolds her for not revealing the truth to her. Bebe comes there and stops her. She warns her not to come between Mom and daughter. Bebe tells her it’s her family matters.

She asks Neeti to understand who is important to this house. She might learn to give respect to elders. She advises Sukhwinder to teach her. Why did she try to break her daughter’s life? Sukhwinder says that Parineet asked her to hide this from her. Meanwhile, Simi mocks at Parineet to arrange her husband’s wedding with her sautan. She mocks at her destiny. She humiliates her. Chandrika asks Parineet not to take her words to her heart. She likes to hurt others. Parineet tells her that Neeti is matters to her. She has the responsibility as an elder daughter-in-law. She asks her to help Neeti. Sukhwinder says to Neeti that Parineet who stopped her from revealing the truth to Neeti. She made her fool. She learnt about it in the hospital. She shouldn’t reveal the truth to her because the nurse said to her that Neeti’s life was in danger. As a mom how will she take risk in her life? She apologizes to her.

Episode end

Precap; Neeti will promise to Bebe that she won’t leave Parineet. She will take revenge on her for betraying her. Sukhwinder will confront Parineet.

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