Pashminna Dhaage Mohabbat Ka 18th November 2023 Written Update: Raghav cancels deal with Kailash

Pashminna Dhaage Mohabbat Ka 18th November 2023 Written Update on

Episode begins with Preeti tells locals that this houseboat is her and Pashminna’s world. She says that she never asked others help all these years. Local says that Preeti is woman and Preeti should find some other job. Pashminna says that she won the race and she will repair the houseboat with prize money. Local says that Pashminna cheated in the race by bringing an outsider as her race partner. Tahsildar asks local to raise their hand if they think Pashminna’s race partner is not local. Everyone raises their hands.

Preeti tells Pashminna that everything is over and cries. She asks locals to not insult her and her daughter. Raghav comes there. Tahsildar asks Raghav that who is the latter. Raghav tells him that he was Pashminna’s race partner. Bebe tells her that he is tourist and he stays in the hotel. Raghav says that he lives in Mumbai now but he is Kashmiri. He adds that his house is in Kashmir. He shows his house photo to them. Tahsildar asks Raghav that if the latter has any proof. Raghav tells him that the latter can ask proof from another area Tahsildar Kabir.

Local says that Raghav don’t look like Kashmiri. Raghav wears Kashmir outfit. He says that Pashminna helped him as tour guide so he helped her in the race. Preeti asks Pashminna that why the latter did not tell her. Raghav tells her that even Pashminna don’t know this. Bebe tells Raghav that he lied that he is Paras’s friend. He tells her that he is Paras’s friend. He shows the Pashminna shawl which Paras gifted him. He says that Paras came to his hotel room on race day. She tries to say something but he interferes and tells her that Tahsildar has to take decision, not her.

Tahsildar confirms from Kabir that Kaul cottage is Raghav’s house. He tells Pashminna that she will get the prize money. He gives the cheque to Raghav. Raghav tells him to give the cheque to Pashminna. Pashminna gets the cheque from Tahsildar. Raghav leaves from there. Preeti tells Pashminna that Raghav came like an angel. Pashminna wonders that how Raghav’s anger changed.

Meanwhile, Raghav tells himself that he heard when Pashminna talked to Preeti about houseboat. He recalls that how he read Pashminna’s mail. He realises that he was about to make an mistake. He learns that Kailash is forcing Preeti to sell her houseboat. Nusrat asks Raghav that what about the deal. Raghav tells him that not everything is about money. Nusrat blesses him.

Preeti says that Raghav is good guy and she want to thank him. She asks Pashminna to invite Raghav for dinner. She decides to make Kashmiri food.

Raghav tells Kailash that the latter lied to him. He says that he won’t involve himself in this deal. He adds that he is a businessman not goon so deal is off and leaves from there. Preeti starts the motor. She tells Pashminna that she is so happy today.

Episode ends.

Precap  – Kailash talks to Preeti about Paras and Pashminna’s marriage.

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