Pushpa Impossible 11th March 2023 Written Update: DCP saves Pushpa and the girls from Vishnu.


The episode starts with Vishnu demanding Pushpa to say what she did with his man Yadav. He gets Guru’s call and alerts his men. Pushpa gets the gun from Roshni while Yadav is about to gain consciousness. DCP and her team leaves getting ready for operation. Bapodhara and Chawl people were worried about Pushpa. Ashwin and Chirag leave to join DCP. DCP checks Vishnu’s house and takes his wife and child into custody. Guru taunts the police who were taking him with them. Vishnu gets ready to leave. Pushpa and the girls get alerted as Yadav wakes up. Chirag and Ashwin’s vehicle gets stuck in the middle

Yadav shouts for Vishnu’s name when Pushpa points a gun at them. Pushpa keeps Vishnu at gun point. Everyone is celebrating Holi.Devi comes there and the girls wish her for the festival. They were surprised to see her there while Devi explains her plan to them. Pushpa makes the kidnappers walk in front while pointing guns at them. DCP reaches Pushpa’s location using the saree mark of Pushpa. Ashwin reconciles with Pushpa and Rashi. Vishnu overpowers Pushpa but DCP saves them. Vishnu’s men attack Guru’s vehicle and threaten the police with guns. They make everyone faint attacking them and escaping with Guru.

Devi and the girls mix something in colour water and gets ready for their attack. DCP demands Vishnu to say the truth about where he kept the girls and the dealer who’s getting the girls. At first, Vishnu refuses to say the truth. DCP threatens him with his wife and daughter. Vishnu gives in and agrees to help them . Guru calls Vishnu and pretends like he escaped from Police with Pushpa and the girls. He asks him to come to the location with the other girls and Guru agrees. Pushpa wants to go with DCP too and DCP gives in to her stubbornness. Guru comes to the location so does Vishnu and the police force. DCP warns Vishnu that his family is still with them. Pushpa wants to join Devi in rescuing the other girls and Devi explains the plan to her.

Precap: Guru finds something wrong with the place and gets alerted while DCP and team along with Pushpa watch on them from a distance.