Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 3rd August 2022 Written Update: Gungun plans to stop Radha and Hriday’s engagement


Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 3rd August 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Kadambari makes Mohan swear on her that he won’t do anything to stop Radha’s marriage and he won’t participate in any marriage rituals too. She asks Latha that if the latter is happy. Latha nods at her. Mohan tells Kadambari that Hriday is not a good guy. Damini takes Mohan from there. Mohan tells her that Hriday acting like a good guy. She tells him normal couples behaves like Hriday only because he is going to get married with Radha. She says that it looks like she and Mohan are not normal couple. She tells him that he is going to marry her but he thinks about Radha always. She adds that she is in pain but he cares about Radha only.

She tells him that he crossed all the limits today by accusing Hriday. And it proves that he don’t want their marriage to happen. Mohan tells her that it’s not like that. She tells him that it looks like only she is involved in their marriage. She says that Mohan’s actions affecting her. She asks him to respect Kadambari’s swear. He tells her that he is with her. She tells him that, that’s not true and leaves the room. He wonders that what happened to Damini.

Kadambari tells him that Radha proved that she can take care of herself so he should move on too. Mohan tells her that Hriday is not a right guy for Radha. She asks him to choose between his mother and his stubbornness. Damini overhears their conversation and tells herself that now no one can stop this marriage. Tulsi’s spirit tells her that she won’t let this marriage happen at any cost. And Radha just belongs to Mohan.

On the other hand, Radha makes flute. Mohan wonders that how he failed to see Radha’s intentions. Gungun asks him that how can he stay silent when Radha’s engagement going to happen with Hriday. She tells him that he is a cheater and their partnership is over. He asks her that if she can break her mother’s promise. She tells him that she don’t have a mother so she won’t let Radha leave the house.

Later, Gungun tells Kadambari that Radha is happy with them then what’s the need to get married. Kadambari tells her the importance of engagement. Gungun thinks that she has to stop Radha and Hriday’s engagement.

Next day, Radha feels bad that Mohan won’t be with her for her important day. Gungun tells Mohan that Radha crying. Mohan goes to Radha and asks her that why she is not ready yet. He says that she will be world’s best bride. He helps her to get ready.

Meanwhile, Gungun takes Hriday to storeroom saying that Radha waiting to talk to him. She tries to lock him in the room but fails. He threatens her. Mohan notices the engagement ring. Radha tells him that it’s her mother’s ring but it’s big for her. He makes her wear the ring to check the size which shocks Radha. Sundari asks Radha to open the door. Tulsi’s spirit says that engagement happened.

Episode ends.

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