Pyar Ke Saath Vachan Dharam Patnii 3rd February 2023 Written Update: Ravi seeks revenge against Pratiksha


Pyar Ke Saath Vachan Dharam Patnii 3rd February 2023 Written Update On

In today’s episode, Pratiksha gets ready wearing her wedding attire. Pratik comes there. Pratiksha asks him why did he knocked. Pratik says that he needs to take permission hereafter as Pratiksha is getting married. Pratiksha says that she is going to get married only not going away from Pratik’s heart. She tells him that she misses her parents. She says that her marriage was her parents’ dream and her mother always wanted to see her in wedding attire. Pratik says that her parents are there with her along with Pratik. He asks her if she is happy to marry Malhar.

Pratiksha says that she believes that her uncle and aunt take the best decisions for her always. Pratik says that Malhar is lucky to marry Pratiksha. He asks her to full Malhar’s life with happiness. Pratiksha nods. Kinjal comes there and informs that Malhar has come with baarat. Malhar dances with Kinjal, Parul, Pratik and Hansa. Kavya dances with Gulshan and Manvi. Pratiksha cries holding her parents’ photoframe. Ravi sits in car and recalls his last meeting with Kavya. He recalls that he made Keerti wear his bracelet as Keerti said it was an auspicious night if two people exchange garlands on that night, they get married.

Aditya sits in the car beside Ravi. He asks Ravi to not leave as phere will start in no time. Ravi doesn’t agree. Aditya says that he will accompany Ravi. Ravi sees Malhar’s baarat on his way and cries. Next he sees Pratiksha in wedding attire and shouts to express his anger. He starts rush driving and stops his car near a spot. He tells Aditya that he and Keerti met there last time. Aditya asks him to go back as everyone is waiting for them at home. Ravi says that Keerti’s soul must be in pain as he could not punish her murderer yet.

Aditya asks him to marry Kavya first and think about revenge later. Ravi says he can’t. He promises to destroy Pratiksha’s life and snatch all her happiness. Ravi’s family worries as they can’t contact both Ravi and Aditya. Mandeep gets stressed. Dolly calls it a bad omen. Harneet asks her to keep quiet. Ravi’s grandmother says that all these happened as their family didn’t worship lord Ganesha before starting the marriage preparations. Hansa complains about Kinjal and Parul as they go missing when she needs their help.

Pratik says that both must be with Pratiksha as she needs her sisters at this moment. Malhar comes and greet Hansa and Kinjal. Kinjal, Parul demand money from him. Malhar hugs Hansa and asks her to not take stress as everything will be good only, he and Pratiksha will surely get married. Hansa feels relaxed. She pulls Malhar’s nose as per a ritual. Malhar gives money to Kinjal and Parul.

Hansa snatches the ammount from their hand and says that she will keep it safety. Ravi says that he will take revenge against Pratiksha for everything she did and make her regretful about that day. He adds that he will give more pain to her that she gave to Keerti. He gets determined to make Pratiksha admit her crime. He promises to make Pratiksha’s life a living hell. Aditya looks stunned. The episode ends.

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