Rabb Se Hai Dua 17th June 2024 Written Update: Dua gives a final warning to Kaynaat

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The episode starts with Mannat trying to contact Ibadat. Ibadat phone is in her room. Farhaan returns to her room. She is shocked to see him there. She hides seeing him. Farhaan is shocked to see the chair is broken. She is missing there. He searched for her in that room. He says that he is aware she is hiding somewhere here. Its not the time to play. He asks her to come out. He thinks that she escaped from this place. He didn’t tied her tighter. Mannat calls Ibadat when he goes out. Ibadat gets happy to see her call. She thinks that she can’t attend her call. Mom will get angry on her. Mannat calls her again. Ibadat attends the call. Mannat says to her that she may received her wedding pictures. She is happy with Farhaan. They shouldn’t try to search for her. Ibadat asks her if she called her to say it? Mannat nodded to her. Ibadat thinks that the god might show his real colors to her. Farhaan is pointed the knife on her stomach.

Mannat feels helpless. Farhaan drags her from there. Meanwhile, Subhan gets frustrated to see Mannat’s name in his hand. He tried to slit his hand in anger. Ibadat comes there and stops him. He asks her to leave his hand. Her hand gets hurt while stop him. He scolds her for involving in everything. He gives first aid to her. She admires him. She recalls her moments with Subhan. She prays to god that he has to help Subhan to understand her. Meanwhile, Dua thanked God for everything. She thanked the god for fixed the wedding. Kaynaat comes there. She complaints to her that she betrayed her. She transferred the property on Ibadat’s name instead of Subhan. Dua asks her what’s wrong in it? Ibadat is going to be his wife. She has all the rights in his property. Kaynaat says that she puts an condition to her. Dua says that she gives a strong feelings to her that she took the right decision. Kaynaat blackmailed her to transfer the property on Subhan name using her health condition. But she isn’t a fool. She shouldn’t misunderstood that she is scared. She is aware that Kaynaat may kick Ibadat out of the house after the property goes to Subhan name. She is aware of her cunning mind. That is why she took an decision like this.

Later, Subhan says to Ibadat that he did the first aid. She shouldn’t wet her hand. Ibadat asks him why did he tried to slit his hand. He asks her not to worry about him. He wasn’t trying to commit suicide. He wanted to remove Mannat name from his hand. She ruined his life. She betrayed him. He just wanted to remove this name. Ibadat says that Mannat may didn’t loved him sincerely. But he loved her for true. He can’t remove her easily from his heart. She asks him to give a time for it. Meanwhile, Kaynaat says to Dua that she played a game with her. She wanted to see his this wedding take place. Dua says that she shouldn’t try to stop this wedding. Dua threatens her that she won’t leave her if she create any problems in the wedding. She shouldn’t misunderstands that she is weak. She can make sure that Kaynaat feels the worst. Dua says that Mannat is wrong. But Ibadat is a nice girl. She sacrificed her love to unite Mannat and Subhan. She did everything for the family happiness. She asks her not to hurt Ibadat. Dua gives a warning to her. Farhaan hurts Mannat and tied her with the chair again. He says to her that she likes to elope. He will teach a lesson to her. Meanwhile, Ibadat consoles Subhan and assures him that she is with him. He can vent out his anger at her. He can share his pain with her. Subhan scolds her for rubbing a salt in his wound. He says to her it’s just an agreement wedding. He is going to marry her for the sake of Dua and family happiness. He demands her to leave from his room.

Episode end

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