Rajjo 19th November 2022 Written Update: Rajjo gets blamed for Urvashi’s kidnapping

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The episode starts with Rajjo imagining Arjun treating her wound with love. Rajjo comes to the reality and feels bad. She looks at the scratches on her elbow and goes aside. Arjun watches this. Urvashi’s parents wonder why the kidnappers didn’t free Urvashi after getting ransom. They decide call the moneylender whom Urvashi made to stay in the Thakurs’ mansion lying that he is her uncle. Urvashi’s dad call him and ask about kidnapping Urvashi and not releasing her despite getting the ransom, 1 crore. He denies kidnapping Urvashi. Urvashi’s dad tells the same to Urvashi’s mom. She is shocked to hear this and asks then who kidnapped Urvashi.

Thakurs wonder where Pushkar left and try to contact him. Arjun goes to Rajjo. Rajjo wonders whether she isn’t dreaming again. Arjun touches Rajjo’s elbow. Rajjo makes face feeling the pain. She thinks that it’s not a dream. Arjun applies bandage on Rajjo’s wound Ishq di Baajiyaan plays in the BG. He scolds Rajjo for risking her life and asks why she did it. Rajjo says for him. Rajjo then changes her word and says that she did for him, his family and Urvashi. She says that she didn’t want the kidnappers to escape. Arjun wonders who could be the kidnappers. Arjun watches again the video sent by the kidnappers. Arjun sees Urvashi rubbing her ring finger with her thumbs. He recalls a FB in which Urvashi rubbed her ring finger with her thumbs to sign him that she wants him get a ring for her and asks him to get that ring from a particular shop.

Arjun understands Urvashi’s hint and takes his family, Rajjo and police officers to the market where he got the ring for Urvashi. While Arjun explaining this to the family, Rajjo goes aside and finds the red car with pink chunri attached to it. Rajjo hides when someone gets out of the car. Pushkar is on the way. He receives a call and gets shocked. He asks the person on the call to remove her from there immediately and says that he is on the way.

The police ask Arjun why they gave the kidnappers ransom without informing them. Arjun and Chirag try to explain the police their circumstances. Just then, Rajjo arrives and notifies them that she saw the car which kidnapped Urvashi. Arjun asks his family to stay there. Arjun, Rajjo, Chirag and police go to check the car. Rajjo says that she saw masked men getting out of the car and going inside the shop.

Chirag and Arjun go along with the police officers as they’re only two. Arjun asks Rajjo to stay back as she can get in danger. Rajjo receives Nagu kaka’s call. Rajjo attends it to speak but Arjun disconnects the call as kidnappers can get alerted hearing her. He asks Rajjo not to follow her. However Rajjo goes after him saying if she doesn’t come who will save his life.

Rajjo, Arjun and Chirag along with the police officers enter the place and see Urvashi tied up to a chair and surrounded by the kidnappers. The kidnappers try to escape on seeing them. Arjun and Rajjo catch the kidnappers and beat them. A kidnapper pushes Rajjo away and tries to run away. Arjun catches him and fights with him. He removes his mask. Rajjo and Arjun are shocked to see Vicky. Arjun and Urvashi’s parents untie Urvashi. Arjun brings Vicky there. Pratap and Madhu identifies Vicky. Urvashi cries hugging Arjun. Arjun grabs Vicky and urges him to say why he kidnapped Urvashi.

The police officer stops Arjun and says that he can’t take the law in her hands. They drag Vicky with them. Vicky stops in front of Rajjo. He holds her hand apologizes to her for disappointing her. He says that but, he didn’t say anything in front of them and assures her not to tell anything to the police too. He goes with the officers.

Rajjo says to Arjun not to believe Vicky and says that she doesn’t know why Vicky said like that. Arjun asks her not to lie. Rajjo says that she’s telling the truth. Urvashi blames Rajjo for her kidnapping as she doesn’t have any other enemies as Vicky was Rajjo’s fiance. She says that it must be Rajjo’s plan. Rajjo denies and says that she came to save Urvashi. Urvashi says that Vicky was torturing her and she identified him only after he removed his mask. Rajjo says that Urvashi is lying. She asks Arjun to call the police and investigate. Rajjo says that Urvashi must have faked her own kidnapping.

Rajjo tries to make Arjun believe that she didn’t plan Urvashi’s kidnapping. Arjun refuses to believe Rajjo. Arjun and Rajjo argue. Chirag shouts asking them to stop. Rajjo reminds Arjun that he exposed Vicky’s truth to her and asks how he can believe his words. Arjun says that he doesn’t trust Rajjo. Rajjo says that she last met Vicky in the police station and he could have kidnapped to frame her.

The episode ends.

Precap: Urvashi accuses Rajjo of kidnapping her. Rajjo says that Urvashi lies. Arjun refuses to believe any of them and asks them to get proofs to prove their truth.

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