Rajjo 4th March 2023 Written Update: Game over for Pushkar

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The episode starts with Chirag questioning Madhu. How could she hate Rajjo this much? Is she hating her because Rajjo doesn’t have money? She shouldn’t think that rich people were good. Then it’s time for her to realise the truth that they don’t have a good heart like Rajjo. Rajjo respects her a lot. Swara says that he was right. Rajjo loved this family. She has huge respect for Madhu and this family. She would have left with Arjun when she got the chance but she didn’t do it. Because she loves this family. Madhu says that her money-minded nature made her blind. She did many things for money. She hides Pushkar’s truth too. Rajjo did many things for Arjun, though she didn’t treat her well. She apologizes to her. Arjun says that she doesn’t deserve forgiveness for her deeds. Rajjo says to her that she won’t forgive her for harming her mom. Madhu informs her that she didn’t do anything intentionally. She didn’t know Pushkar was called Manorama there. Everything was over in the nick of time. Arjun asks her if she feels guilty, then she wouldn’t have tried to separate Rajjo from him.

Arjun lashes out at Madhu. Rajjo asks him to leave this. Arjun says that he doesn’t deserve forgiveness. Madhu tells her that he was right. She doesn’t deserve his forgiveness. She tried many times to separate her from Arjun. They said she would take Arjun with her to foreign countries. So she was quiet. But she doesn’t know Rajjo is a suitable person. She apologizes to her for her deeds. She asks Rajjo to take Arjun far from here. She advises her to lead a happy life with him. She will be able to take him from here. Rajjo asks her to stop crying. She is able to see Madhu’s guilt in her eyes. She was ready to sacrifice who was more important to her. But she won’t separate a son from his mom. She asks Arjun to come near her. She tells her that life is very short. She says that everyone commits mistakes. Don’t they argue with each other? But he gave a chance to her to prove herself. She asks him to give her one another chance. Arjun assures her that he won’t leave her and his family.

Pushkar and Niharika are about to leave. Chirag stops them. Police got there to arrest them. Madhu asks Rajjo where Manorama is? Rajjo tells her that she thought Manorama was there. Arjun inquires him where Manorama is? Pushkar says to him that he doesn’t know about her whereabouts. Manorama comes there and says to Rajjo she is here. Rajjo says that Niharika planned all this to take her father out on bail. She is able to enjoy her life in the jail along with him. Niharika and Pushkar asked Kalindi to save them but she was quiet. Pushkar escapes from there. Swati beat him. She complaints to him that he ruined her life by playing a match. A few more girls come there and attack him for ruining their lives. Pushkar points a gun at Manorama. Rajjo asks him not to dare to shoot his mom. Arjun stops her from going near him. Manorama throws sand at his eyes to divert him.

Everyone cursed Pushkar. Kalindi cuts all her ties with him. Manorama slaps Pushkar in anger. The police took him from there. Madhu and Kalindi apologise to Manorama and Rajjo for misunderstanding them. Manorama requests Madhu to give her the love Rajjo deserved. Madhu assured her to treat her as a daughter. Rajjo says to Kalindi that she is aware god created this relationship. Kalindi accepts her as her sister. Arjun tells Rajjo that they forgot to do something important. Rajjo is anxious thinking about his decision. Manorama consoles her.

Episode end

Precap; Arjun will say to Rajjo that they are loving each other. Let’s marry again. Arjun and Rajjo will tie the knot with each other

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