Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 4th March 2022 Written Update: Dimpy gets angry at Sikander

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 4th March 2022 Written Update on

At the beginning of the episode, Gehna asks Dimpy what truth she wants to tell her. Dimpy tells her a story from three years ago. Flashback starts. She says that one day Sikander came home in a panic state. They asked him what had happened. He tells them that he has caused an accident and is afraid that the police will find him soon. Surya decides that from now on he will be Kabir and Bhaisaheb will be Sikandar. Dimpy even tried to make him understand that if he did this then he might get in trouble.

Surya said that he can do anything for his brother so he is ready to become Kabir. Flashback ends. Gehna is shocked to hear this. On the other hand, Kanak’s condition worsens due to chillies. Hema gives her honey and says she will feel fine after having honey. Kanak lets out that she will not leave Gehna. Hema feels that now she cannot control Gehna. Kanak thinks that she should get Gehna married soon and send her away from here.

Gehna tells Surya that if he is not Kabir then it means that Sikandar is Kabir and he should be punished for killing Anant. Surya says that his brother can never kill anyone. Gehna tells him that he should try to see the truth by removing the love bandage from his eyes. On the other hand, the lawyer comes to Sikander and tells him that Surya has got bail. Sikander tears the paper.

The lawyer and Sikander’s mother are shocked to see this. She asks Sikander what he is trying to do. Sikandar says that Surya needs to stay in jail as this is good for his family. Suhani understands his point. Here Dimpy asks Gehna what has she thought now that she has come to know the truth. Gehna says that she cannot reach any conclusion as of now. Then the Inspector asks Surya to get out of the jail.

Surya thinks that Sikandar has got him bail but the inspector tells him that his bail application has been rejected. Dimpy and Raju are shocked to hear this. Gehna promises them that soon she will send the real culprit to jail. Next Dimpy and Raju come home. They tell Sikandar that he will get punishment for his sins. Suhani gets angry on hearing this and asks them why they are saying this.

Dimpy tells Suhani that Kabir is Sikandar and he killed Anant, not Surya. Therefore, Sikandar deserves punishment. Suhani says that it will not be good for their family if Sikandar goes to jail. Raju asks her if she will sacrifice her innocent son to save her guilty son. Suhani is unable to answer this to him.

Precap: Arjun tells Sikander that Surya has got a lawyer. Sikander is shocked to hear this. Whereas later he learns that Gehna is Surya’s lawyer.

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