Saavi Ki Savaari 12th March 2023 Written Update: Mohan recreates past memories with Nityam


Saavi Ki Savaari 12th March 2023 Written Update on

Episode begins with Mohan makes milkshake for Nityam. Saavi tells Mohan that Nityam is not in good mood today, and Nityam did not even drink tea today, so she don’t think Nityam will drink milkshake. He challenges her that Nityam will drink milkshake today. Nityam returns from jogging. Mohan gives milkshake to Nityam. He asks him to think about childhood. Nityam recalls that how Raksham used to give milkshake to him and he drinks the milkshake. He asks Mohan to not do like this again and goes inside. Saavi sees everything. Mohan tells her that Nityam did not forget the childhood. She tells him that they have to show Nityam that nothing changed. She asks him that what both brothers used to like when they were kids. He says that, it was cricket.

Vedika tells Saavi that it’s getting difficult for her to support her. She says that Saavi is not even telling the plan to her. Saavi tells her to give some time and she need her support. She asks Vedika about Raksham and Nityam’s photos and videos. Vedika tells her that Shivam recorded Raksham and Nityam playing cricket.

Later, Mohan asks Saavi that if the plan will work. Saavi asks him to not worry. Nityam’s car gets stopped in the middle of the road. He calls servant and scolds him for not filling the fuel. Mohan asks Nityam that what the latter is doing there. Nityam asks him to go from there. Mohan tells him that he don’t have time to give lift. Nityam reminds him that the latter is working for him. Mohan says that he has one hour break. He asks him to get on the bike. Saavi smiles seeing Nityam sitting on Mohan’s bike. Nityam scolds Mohan for driving fast. Mohan takes Nityam to the place where he planned to play cricket. Nityam asks him to drop him at office.

Mohan’s friend comes there and tells Mohan that everything is ready to play cricket. He says that Nityam can’t play cricket. Mohan agrees with him. Nityam tells Mohan that they will win the match and he removes his coat.

On the other hand, Ratna gives special tea to Rishikesh. Rishikesh praises her. He tells her that she can live a luxurious life with Saavi’s alimony money. She tells him that Dimpy will create problems. He says that Nityam has to give share from the property to Saavi no matter what. Sonam overhears their conversation. She thinks that Raksham should get share from the property. She decides to talk to Saavi.

Nityam and Mohan plays cricket with other boys. Saavi smiles seeing that and she records everything. Nityam and Mohan wins the match and hugs each other. Meanwhile, Dimpy gives video footage of Saavi and Mohan to lawyer. She says that they don’t have any affair but lawyer have to prove that Saavi is having an affair with Mohan. Lawyer tells her that they need solid proof.

Episode ends.

Precap – Ratna and Rishikesh meets Nityam at his office. Sonam informs Saavi that Rishikesh went to threaten Nityam.