Saavi Ki Savaari 1st March 2023 Written Update: Saavi demands alimony from Nityam


Saavi Ki Savaari 1st March 2023 Written Update on

Episode begins with Saavi asks Razak to take her to shiv ganga colony. She learns that Dimpy is following her. She tells Razak to take her in different route. Dimpy tells Himesh that she is following Saavi and she is sure, Saavi is going to meet Raksham.

On the other hand, Krishna tells Shivam that Sonam deserves to stay in hell. Sonam comes there. Shivam tells Krishna that they should shift to somewhere else. Sonam reveals that she found Dhruv and she shows Dhruv’s photo to Shivam. She tells him that Dhruv is most wanted criminal. Krishna asks her about Dhruv’s whereabouts. She informs him all the details of Dhruv.

Saavi tricks Dimpy and escapes from Dimpy’s sight. Dimpy tells Himesh that Saavi got to know that she is following. And it looks like Raksham don’t want to come in front of Dalmias.

Saavi meets Shivam and asks him to come to Dalmia house. She tells him that Dimpy and Himesh trying to ruin Nityam’s hardwork. Shivam tells her that he can’t go to Dalmia house before finding Dhruv. He says that he don’t want properties and all. And he want two days to find Raksham. He asks her to handle everything for two days. She nods at him. She thinks that her idea may separate her from Nityam.

Later, Nityam says that Saavi’s presence is not needed now. He tells lawyer to give the will papers. Vedika asks him about Raksham’s share. He tells her that Raksham is not alive. She tells him that Raksham will return. He reminds her about the promise he gave to Uma Devi. Lawyer says that he prepared will papers already including Nityam and Himesh’s names. He gives the will papers to Devraj.

Devraj is about to sign on the will papers but Saavi stops him. Saavi reveals that Nityam wants divorce. She tells Nityam that she want half share in Dalmia industries and if she got them, then only she will sign on the divorce papers. Nityam tells her that he can’t believe she is asking for this. She tells him that he used to call her golddigger so he should not have been surprised. He says that today Saavi showed her real face. She tells him that he won’t get a better deal than this. Vedika sends lawyer from there. She takes Saavi and Nityam with her. Himesh asks Dimpy to think something.

Nityam tells Vedika that yesterday night Saavi refused to sign on the divorce papers but today doing this. Vedika tells him that she can see everything. She asks him to give Saavi what Saavi wants. And she don’t have any hope in Nityam and Saavi’s relationship so they can end their relationship. Nityam gets happy that Vedika is on his side and leaves from there. Vedika asks Saavi about the plan. But Saavi refuses to tell her.

Episode ends.

Precap – Nityam tells Saavi that he will give alimony to her. Saavi asks him to prepare new will papers. He tells her that she has to sign on the divorce papers on holi day.

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