Saavi Ki Savaari 4th March 2023 Written Update: Shivam saves Saavi from Dhruv


Saavi Ki Savaari 4th March 2023 Written Update on

Episode begins with Dhruv’s goons catches Saavi. On the other hand, Sonam enters Dalmia house and she wonders that why the house is so silent. Dimpy comes there in an intoxicated state. Sonam asks her that why the latter drank at morning. Dimpy tells her that she drank to celebrate her happiness. She says that she is so proud of herself.

Dhruv tries to kill Saavi. Saavi tells him that she did not come to blackmail him. She says that she came to tell Dhruv did wrong with Raksham. Dhruv asks her about proof. She tells him that she don’t know anything about proof.

Sonam asks Dimpy that what the latter did. Dimpy asks her to promise the latter won’t tell anyone. Sonam promises to her. Dimpy reveals that Raksham won’t return because he is going to die soon. She says that she hired a contract killer to kill Raksham and no one can find Raksham.

Saavi pleads Dhruv to leave her. She screams for help. Dhruv tells her that she will die if she don’t give proof then. She tells him that she don’t have any proof. Shivam comes there and glares Dhruv. Sonam calls Shivam but no response from other side. She calls police and informs about Dhruv’s whereabouts.

Shivam beat goons up. He unties Saavi. Dhruv points a gun at Shivam. He says that he will kill both Shivam and Saavi. Dhruv realises that Shivam is his friend Raksham. Shivam blames him for everything. Dhruv tells him that he don’t regret for anything. Shivam asks him to come with him. Saavi asks Dhruv to tell the truth to Vedika. Dhruv agrees to tell the truth to Nityam. He says that he want money to tell the truth. Shivam agrees to give his share to him.

Thasvi gets shocked seeing Dimpy in her room. She realises that Dimpy is drunk. Himesh comes there. He asks Thasvi to not get on Dimpy’s bad books. Nityam tells them to gather in the hall. Himesh thinks that he has to keep Thasvi safe from Dimpy. Contract killer reaches saluja building.

Nityam tells Dalmias that tomorrow is last day of Saavi in Dalmia house. Vedika hope that Saavi don’t leave the house tomorrow. He says that negative energy will leave the house with Saavi so they should celebrate the holi very well. He says that he want Himesh to become CFO of Dalmia industries. Dimpy gets happy hearing him. Himesh hallucinates contract killer and falls on Nityam. Nityam gets angry and goes inside.

Dhruv’s goons attacks contract killer. Police comes there. Dhruv misunderstands that Shivam and Saavi called the police. Police shoots Dhruv. Shivam and Saavi gets shocked seeing that.

Episode ends.

Precap – Saavi tells Nutan that everything is over. Later, Nityam asks Saavi to sign on the divorce papers.

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