Sasural Simar Ka 2 13th August 2022 Written Update: Dr Ghatak checks Ishita


Sasural Simar Ka 2 13th August 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Riyansh and Ishita, make fun at the other members that foolish they are. Gagan overhears them and come in their room to ask what’s going on. But Gagan comes to make them concern more about their forthcoming child. He gives them a long list of what to do and don’t. As this is life changing decision, so they should take care of themselves mentally and physically. Gagan advices Ishita to exercise and to mediate. Later Aditi comes to their room to ask about Ishita’s health. She feels truly happy that three girls of Oswaal family are now pregnant together.

Vivaan and Reema get excited to get the news of Ishita’s pregnancy, as they are not pressured to engender the first child of the family. Reema says she feels a great relief because she can live her life with her own term. She offers Vivaan a secret exotic tour for few days. Vivaan gets so happy that she hugs Reema to express his passionate love to her. Reema feels guilt in her mind.

Ishita asks Aditi whether Ishita has snatched all her limelight and attention. Simar comes with the juice, says, the hearts of Oswal family are spacious. So there will be no issue of competition. But Ishita pokes Simar, says, Simar might have getting jealous of Ishita as Ishita is going to gift the first member of the fourth generations of the family. Simar says she doesn’t have sent jealousy, but from no, Simar would take the responsibility of Ishita’s pregnancy. Then Simar is asked to put off the shoes of Ishita with her own hands as she is getting the sore in her legs.

But Aditi it’s not the time to feel the pain in the legs, so she may put off her shoes by herself. Somehow Aditi saves Simar her from insulting. Ishita says whenever she would press that bell, Simar should come to attend her. If she yells to call her, the baby might get disturbed. Gagan and Aditi advice her to consult to doctor Ghatak, as he can tell everything just to see the external remarks. She is now in a serious trouble.

Simar says she already summoned the doctor. The doctor has also come with his nurse. He asks his nurse to tell the detail history of the patient. The nurse tells that he might get many patients from this family, as there are many married couples. Doctor seems greedy to money. Chitra, Riyansh and Pallavi screw themselves up. Chitra tells them to express everything to Badima. To handle Chitra and the situation, Riyansh locks Chitra up in a room.

Sandhya calls Simar to bring Ishita as the doctor has come already. Riyansh tells the doctor to return as Ishita is more comfortable with her family physician. Dr Ghatak feels insulted, and get angry. Sandhya handles the situation and asks the doctor to come. Simar brings Ishita to hold her hand from the stairs. She pretends to fall to get a great jerk. But Vivaan and Aarav successfully hold Ishita and Simar. Everyone gets agitated. Badima askss Simar to take her care more carefully.

Badima asks the doctor to check if everything is ok or not. Ishita looks nervous that she will get exposed. Doctor thoroughly checks Ishita and asks the nurse to hold her hand tightly. Everyone keep asking the Doctor what is it? Then Doctor suddenly says that there must be some mistake, because Ishita is not pregnant. Everyone looks thunderstruck. On the other side, Ishita, Riyansh and Pallavi look nervous. They start fumbling. Simar asks the doctor to recheck her but Doctor gets a call and leaves. Chitra is on the call with the Doctor. She offers the Doctor fifty thousand rupees to declare Ishita’s false pregnancy. But Doctor doesn’t reply and cuts the call. Ishita and Riyansh tries to convince others that they are sure about the pregnancy. Badima looks devastated and outraged. She asks to shut them up.

Episodes ends with, Doctor’s sudden and false declaration that Ishita is not only pregnant but also pregnant with twins.

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