Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 29th March 2021 Written Update: Alok scolds Shaurya for Anokhi


Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 29th March 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Alok taunting Anokhi seeing her back in college. He taunts her for coming back shameless while Anokhi says her dream and her career pushed her to come back. He asks if she’s still mooching on Shaan’s flat but Anokhi says Ps has arranged for her stay in hostel. When asked who’s Ps, Anokhi says it’s Shaurya. Alok again taunts her that how’s it possible for her to get place in hostel. Anokhi says that Ps would’ve corrected something which is wrong and leaves. Reema and Anokhi’s friend gets happy seeing her back and they all enjoy. They asks her to celebrate and calls her for canteen.

Anokhi says she’ll be back once making a call and asks then to proceed. She calls Babli and informs about coming back without leaving to Kapurthala. Babli gets happy hearing it while Anokhi asks if everything is fine between her and Vineet. Before she could answer Vikram calls her and she cuts the call. Vineet comes there and she cuts Vikram’s call. On the other hand, Shaan compliments Shaurya and he does the same back. He asks the reason for Shaan’s happiness.

Alok comes angrily and shouts at Shaurya for interfering in hostel management. He scolds him for allotting room to Anokhi cancelling Kitty and Bebo’s room. He calls him biased for Anokhi but Shaurya justifies his action. He asks what’s the reason for allotting rook for Kitty and Bebo when they are in the same city. He says college hostel is for students who came from another city to study.

Gayathri supports Shaurya but Alok shuts her. He blames Shaurya when Devi stops him. She supports Shaurya saying that whatever he did is right. All gets stunned when Devi takes stand for Shaurya. Devi asks Shaurya to never do anything against his conscience and reasons that Anokhi is a bright student who’s important for the college. Shaurya thanks Devi for understanding him while Devi asks him to always do what’s right. Shaurya leaves.

Kitty comes to college and her friends ask about Bebo. She gets irritated and says she was not at fault but Bebo is acting strange after finding her secret admirer. Bebo comes to library and balloons shower on her. Anmol flirts with Bebo and confesses his love for her. They gets romantic. Tej asks Devi the reason for her lecture a while back. Devi asks if she said something wrong but Tej says she didn’t. He asks if her feelings towards Anokhi has changed.

Devi says Alok is the biggest child in the house who doesn’t know how to act mature. She says from childhood she has brought up Shaurya and she knows well about him. She says no one can force Shaurya to do something and he only listens when someone explains him with love. Tej agrees that she knows what’s better for Shaurya and Devi asks him to let her handle it. Kanchan comes to Shaurya and asks if he’s still upset about what happened earlier.

Shaurya says he’s not. She asks what he did to bring back Anokhi. Reema too asks the same to Anokhi. Shaurya says that they both talked what’s in their heart. Kanchan thinks that he proposed Anokhi but her bubble bursts when he says he said sorry. He thanks Kanchan for helping him out while She asks the reason for not coming back home at night. Shaurya says he lost his way as he took a wrong turn and talks dreamily. Kanchan teases him. Shaurya manages it.

On the other hand, Anokhi says whatever happened to Reema who says none can do so much for anyone. Kanchan mocks Shaurya and says that she doubted that he really liked Anokhi. Reema says Anokhi the same shocking her. Anokhi calls it rubbish so does Shaurya. Kanchan tries convincing him but Shaurya doesn’t believe it.

Shaurya calls it nonsense and asks her to not over think stuffs. Anokhi too scolds Reema for blabbering and asks her to not let anyone else know this else rumours will be spread. Both Shaurya and Anokhi are lost in thoughts.

Precap : Devi understands Shaurya loves Anokhi and brings Shagun back in his life

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