Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 17th June 2022 Written Update: Devraj struggles to get Krisha’s forgiveness


Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 17th June 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode starts with Krisha going away from Devraj, while he tries to stop her. She walks on the road, whereas Raghav’s goon follows her with the truck. He remembers Raghav’s plan to kill Krisha and was about to drive over her, when Devraj pulls her towards himself and again saves her life. Devraj and Krisha gets into an eyelock, while the public surrounds them being worried about her. Whereas, Krisha’s mother also comes there and questions about the matter, to which the public notify her that how Devraj risked his life to rescue Krisha on time.

Here, Krisha gets away from Devraj and goes inside her house along with her mother. They all gets suspicious that who would have tried to kill her, whereas Krisha looks at Devraj and blames him. She recalls all the incidences where he saved her life and declares that it was all his plan to get apology.

Krisha declares that she won’t forgive Devraj, while he gets shocked and ask how can she suspect him? He tries to prove his innocence, but she denies to accept his justification. She ask him to leave from her house, while he gets upset and says that he can never think about hurting her. He goes away from there stating that she will regret her accusation.

Elsewhere, Krisha’s mother scolds her for blaming Devraj. She ask her daughter to see how hard Devraj is trying to console her. She gets furious at Krisha, while the latter becomes emotional and clearifies her intentions. She says that she knows Devraj haven’t done anything and someone else is behind it. She tells that she just wanted Devraj to feel the same pain, which she has gone through.

Krisha’s mother feels bad for her daughter, while the latter goes inside her room. Krisha sees a nightmare and gets worried about Devraj. Whereas, Meenakshi shows her concern towauhim Krisha after learning about the attacks on her. Devraj suspects Vamika, while the latter clearifies that she haven’t done anything.

Ahead, Gajvardhan doubts at Raghav, while the latter denies all the allegations. Ugra starts her acting and says that they should visit Krisha’s house to check on her. Whereas, Devraj assures that soon he will bring her back to the palace. Meanwhile, Ugra gets furious at Raghav and slaps him for always making flop plans.

Vamika enters inside Raghav’s room and confronts them about their ploy. She reminds how she punished Raghav earlier and gives a final warning to them. She gets angry and ask not to mess with her. Whereas, Ugra and Naina gets scared from her. She leaves the room, while Devraj keeps imagining Krisha’s presence.

Further, someone keeps an eye on Devraj movements. Krisha gets worried for Devraj after her nightmare and prays for him, her parents teases her while she fakes her anger in front of them. Meanwhile, Devraj comes there but Krisha doesn’t allow him to get inside her house. He brings a chair and sits in front of the house, while her parents laugh seeing their banter. He determines to get her forgiveness and declares that won’t leave without taking her back.

The episode ends.

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