Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 18th August 2022 Written Update: Gajvardhan gets injured while saving Krisha

Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 18th August 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode starts with Krisha’s parents arriving at the palace. Krisha gets elated after seeing them and takes their blessings. Devraj also meets them and introduces Virendra to them. The latter praises Krisha in front of her parents and states that they are lucky to get a daughter-in-law like her. Krisha’s mother shows her happiness regarding the good news, while her father also expresses his excitement to welcome Krisha’s baby. Meanwhile, the function gets started and Vamika calls Naina asking about the updates of the party. The latter notify that Krisha haven’t taken the mic yet and assures to give all the informations to her.

Here, Vamika gets impatient to kill Krisha, while Krisha’s father takes the mic and starts talking about her. He says that it was her dream to marry a prince and it got fulfilled. He proclaims that it still feels unreal to him that Krisha is blessed with a husband like Devraj and soon they are going to become parents.

Krisha’s mother also takes the mic and expresses her happiness for her daughter. She states that she always wants Krisha to be happy and states that she is blessed to have a family like Rathores. She also praises Krisha and then gives the mic to Virendra. The latter starts talking about Krisha and notify that how she helped him to recover. He also says that they are lucky to get her in their life.

Elsewhere, Virendra takes Krisha towards Gajvardhan and joins their hands. He assures that soon everything will get fine. Gajvardhan gives his blessings to Krisha and gets happy for her, while she gets delighted to see his changed version. Meanwhile, Naina goes aside to give informations to Vamika, while Gajvardhan gets suspicious and follows her.

Gajvardhan finds about Vamika’s plan and worries about Krisha. He gets furious at Vamika and Naina for troubling Krisha even when she is pregnant. He decides to save Krisha from getting injured, while Naina keeps the mic to herself. Jaya also gets suspicious and confronts the latter. Naina hides the truth and goes away, while Jaya goes to confront Vamika.

Ahead, Rati calls Krisha and announces about her solo performance for Devraj. Krisha takes the mic and starts expressing her love for him, while Vamika was about to blast the mic, but Jaya stops her. They both gets into an argument and Vamika snatches the remote from Jaya and presses the button.

Gajvardhan snatches the mic from Krisha on time and saves her life as the mic blasts. He gets injured and everyone becomes shocked. Devraj and Virendra takes him to the hospital, while Naina cries and tells Vamika’s ploy to Ugra and Raghav. She states that she wasn’t aware that Vamika was trying to kill Krisha. At that time Jaya comes there and gives money to Ugra and ask Naina to take the blame.

Further, Naina denies but Ugra forces her. Naina gets furious at her mother but then agrees unwillingly. The police comes to interrogate, while Naina takes the blame. Krisha shows her trust in Naina, while the katter gets emotional and blurts out the truth. The police assures to find Vamika, while Krisha determines to punish the latter. Meanwhile, Gajvardhan gets out of danger and Krisha’s parents gives sweets to her, while Jaya and Ugra smirks and ploys against the latter.

The episode ends.

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