Teri Meri Doriyaann 17th March 2023 Written Update: Sahiba doesn’t agree with Angad


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The episode starts with Gurleen asking Sahiba to get ready with the clothes and jewelry she brought for today’s reception. Sahiba says she will not get ready for the reception. Gurleen tries to convince Sahiba to get ready for the reception saying if she doesn’t attend the reception then the family’s reputation will be stained and asks her to rethink her decision. Sahiba says when Angad is not admitting that she is his wife then there is no use of this reception and says she will not get ready. Sahiba says she will come the way she is to the reception. Gurleen hearing this leaves from there.

Angad looks at Seerat’s photo and has tears in his eyes. Angad hears someone knocking on the door and he opens it. Angad sees someone brought him clothes to wear for today’s reception. Angad tells them to put it inside. The servants put the dress on the bed and leave from there.

Veer comes after that. Angad shouts at him thinking he is someone else. Angad calms down seeing that it is Veer. Veer says it is not right that he is staying in the bed this late. Veer helps Angad try on the dress. Angad says just because he looks good doesn’t mean it will hide his anger. Veer says to Angad that Sahiba is a nice girl. Angad asks Veer how can he take Sahiba’s side. Veer says he is his brother and he will always take his side. Veer reminds Angad that no matter what happened before now there is a relationship and now he has to fulfill the responsibility of this relationship. Angad comments on it. Veer cheers up Angad and asks him to get ready. Angad agrees.

Akaal looks at Jabjyot in the mirror and praises her that no woman is going to look better than her in the reception. Prabjyot comes and complaints she doesn’t know if this reception will happen or not as Sahiba argued with Gurleen and rejected to wear the dresses that Gurleeen brought to her.

Jaspal asks the servants if Sahiba and Angad got ready for the reception as the reception is going to start. Prabjyot complaints to Jabjyot about Sahiba. Akaal reminds Prabjyot it is not right to blame Sahiba for everything. Angad overhears what Prabjyot said about Sahiba not getting ready for the reception and goes to check it out.

Angad sees that Sahiba is not ready for the reception and asks Sahiba to get ready by wearing the dress and Jewelry that Gurleen brought for her. Sahiba says she will not wear the dress. Sahiba asks Angad why she has to come wearing that dress and comments on it. Angad tries to convince Sahiba to wear that dress but Sahiba doesn’t agree and says she will come in the dress she is wearing and says she doesn’t like showing off herself. Sahiba also reminds Angad of what she said in the car after the marriage.

Akaal asks Jabjyot to go and convince Sahiba as Sahiba doesn’t disrespect the elders. Jabjyot doesn’t agree with it.

Angad asks for the last time if she will wear this dress or not. Sahiba says no. Angad forces bangle on Sahiba’s hand. Sahiba asks him to leave her and says she is hurting her. Angad reminds Sahiba of her mother’s wish and comments on it.

Episode ends.

Precap – In the reception, the reporters will question Angad on why is he trying to act like everything is normal. The reporters say they know the truth about his marriage. The reporters question Angad where is Sahiba? Sahiba comes and says she is here. Sahiba asks the reporters if they thought that she is not going to come to the reception. Sahiba holds Angad’s hand infront of the reporters. Sahiba asks Angad if he has a problem posing with her.

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