Teri Meri Doriyaann 2nd February 2023 Written Update: Santosh decides to take Sudha’s help


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The episode starts with Ajit asking Santosh what happened, and why are you sitting in dull mode. Seerat returns happily and hugs her mom. Seerat asks if everything is fine. Santosh says no. Seerat says don’t scare me, did they turn down the marriage proposal? Ajit says I told you to not visit Brar’s house but your mom didn’t listen to me and the Brar family doesn’t even consider us as human beings. Santosh says you don’t want our daughters to get married, isn’t it? Ajit says he wants the welfare of his kids but not at all at the expense of self-respect. Santosh says you just know preaching and asks him to not talk about self respect. Seerat tries to control her mom but Santosh doesn’t listen and blames Ajit for their financial status. She asks why he didn’t come with her to Brar’s house.

Ajit says Sahiba may return home at any time so stop this discussion. Seerat asks her to tell him what happened. Santosh says he just cares for Sahiba, not Seerat and if you come with me to Brar’s house then this problem may not arises. Seerat asks what the problem is. Ajit asks her to stop accusing him and reminds him she told him that Seerat’s beauty wins everything and they don’t need him. Santosh says she still says the same and Angad Brar liked our daughter and they asked Seerat’s hand for Angad. Seerat says it’s good news then why you’re tensed? Sahiba returns home and hears it.

Santosh says it’s good news but because your dad didn’t come along I was bombarded with a ton of questions and they doubted me. Seerat asks what doubt. Santosh says Manveer said they visit our before they finalise the alliance. Seerat says they can meet them outside. Santosh says their dreams are getting broken because of him. Ajit says it’s their reality and they can’t escape from it. Santosh says she will do anything to get Seerat married to Angad. Sahiba comes there and says this marriage will not happen. Santosh asks what’s she talking about. Sahiba says Angad is not good for Seerat and I won’t let this marriage happen. Seerat asks if she is jealous of her luck. She thinks she trapped 2 brars with her beauty.

Sahiba asks how can she doubt her. She says Angad is not good for you after whatever happened today. Seerat asks what happened. Sahiba says your memory is weak but I will tell you again. She calls Kirat and says Kirat is wounded because of your date with Angad. Ajit asks what happened to Kirat. Seerat says it’s Kirat’s mistake, not Angad, and what might happen if Garry didn’t come on time. Kirat says I never saw your kind of selfish person in my life and I fought for you but you’re giving credit to Garry. Seerat asks her to mind her language. Kirat says I’m doing it otherwise it may be in another way. Ajit stops them and says Brar alliance won’t be set for them.

Seerat tells Santosh it’s Kirat’s mistake. Seerat says you’re not seeing anything in front of money. Sahiba says you want to marry Angad for money but you will regret it for life as he is not good. Santosh asks Sahiba to stop talking against about Angad and tells them money needs for happiness and person who has money can reach heights. She says you guys can call me and Seerat greedy but I will make my Seerat get married to Angad. Sahiba asks her to listen to her but Santosh doesn’t listen to her. Santosh says you may not support me but I will beg my sister Sudha for my Seerat’s marriage.

Ajit asks how can she stoop low and reminds her that her sister never supported them and asks her to not do it as it’s wrong to act rich in front of the Brar family and the truth will come out one day. Sahiba supports her dad and tells Santosh that Angad is proud and they don’t understand our situation so think about what will happen once they know our reality so don’t ruin Seerat’s life. Aunt also supports Seerat. Santosh is taken aback. On another side, Angad thinks Sahiba ruined one of the memorable evenings of his life. He thinks he won’t spare her.

Episode ends.

Precap – Jabjyot will say to the family that if everything is right then they will do a Pre-engagement ceremony today. Manveer asks Jabjyot how can they do this soon. Jabjyot comments on it. Angad says to Manveer that he will accept whatever decision Manveer takes in Seerat’s matter. Santosh attempts suicide. Later Angad will see Sahiba giving her handicrafts to someone in Gurudwara and thinks if the things she made are this beautiful then how beautiful then would she be? Later Sahiba also sees Angad polishing shoes from his back and thinks if his heart is this pure how handsome would he be? Angad and Sahiba run into each other and get angry.

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