Titlie Upcoming Story: Garv feels humiliated after being questioned by Koyal

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Star Plus’ show Titlie is showing how Garv has been exposed to family for being physically absuive to Titlie which leaves him shocked and embarrassed. Will Garv be able to maintain his relationship with Titlie?

In the previous episode, Koyal slapped Garv and questioning him how can he hit Titlie. She gets hyper and tells she is unable to believe her son can do something like this. Garv cries and leaves from there. Maina gets angry at Koyal for slapping Garv. She blames Titlie for embarrassing Garv.

Koyal says she has done Garv’s upbringing and can smilingly accept his anger but raising his hand on a woman is absolutely wrong. Manikant loses his temper hearing Koyal’s words and raises hand to slap her but Titlie holds it to stop him leaving everyone shocked.

Garv walks aimlessly thinking of Koyal’s hurtful words. He feels upset recalling the slap from Koyal. Garv picks up ice box from one of street vendor and throws on his head. He gets into argument with the vendor when he tells about forgetting wallet. Megha saved Garv.

Maina blames Titlie for humiliating Garv. Titlie consoles Dhara and Garv comes home drunk. In drunk state Garv gets into argument with Manikant . In the upcoming episode Titlie and Garv celebrate together and he tells about changing himself for Titlie and making their relationship even more stronger.

To know what’s happening next stay tuned to this space.

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