Tujhse Hai Raabta Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist 16th July 2020

Tujhse Hai Raabta Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist on SerialGossip.in

Episode starts with Kalyani assures Moksh that Trilok will become his donor and everything will be fine. Malhar reachesvto room, Kalyani about bro leave but Malhar stops her saying Moksh needs both of our care and love. Kalyani says Pillu you trust me right that Trilok will be your donor and nothing will happen to you. Malhar looks on.

Sarthak on phone asks when will medicine works completely. Anupriya thinks I think to trust Sarthak but he is the one who’s erasing my memory and leaves.

Malhar asks why you trust Trilok. Kalyani says my own people deceived me do I have to trust strange people to save my Moksh. Malhar gives doll to Kalyani saying it’s Suhana doll and ask her to handover to Suhana and he makes Kalyani wear her mask.

Anupriya hides medicines seeing Sarthak, he asks her to have soup and assures her that Moksh will be fine. Anupriya throws soup. Sarthak asks what happened. Anupriya shows him medicine abd questions him saying these are medicines you’re hiding from me right.

Kalyani about to enter Trilok house but some mad women stops her saying if you love your life than don’t go inside. Kalyani shouts loudly than watchman drags mad women from Kalyani. Kalyani asks who’s this women. Caretaker says some mad women , don’t take tension.

Sarthak gets tensed and about to leave but Anupriya stops him and questions him to answer her questions. Aaosaheb notices everything and Sarthak leaves from room. Aaosaheb says Sarthak is not wrong, Madhav is giving the medicines to you to erase your memory. Anupriya asks why. Aaosaheb says because he don’t want you to gain memory of Radhe death, he himself revealed it after Priya and Sharad marriage and now he don’t have strength to face you. After knowing this Sarthak stopped those wrong medicines and giving you correct medicines, Sarthak stopped me to inform you about Madhav truth otherwise Malhar mat gets hurt, Sarthak can never thinks to hurt you.

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Kalyani gets weird vibe from house. Suhana happily hugs Kalyani.Kalyani gives toy to Suhana. Kalyani hears song and asks is anyone staying in this house other than Suhan and Trilok. Suhana indicates way. Kalyani goes to room and listens song from tape recorder. Caretaker tape recorder and asks Kalyani to concentrate on Suhana.

Kalyani praises Suhana drawing skills, Kalyani notices dark room in every page and she asks Suhana about the same.

Malhar listens everything through tracker. Suhana gets hyper and beats her doll. Kalyani tries to stop her but Suhana won’t listen to her. Kalyani thinks is Suhana trying to show me it’s all happening in that dark room. Trilok comes to Suhana. Kalyani says seems like she is trying to say something. Trilok says Did you saw baf dream? He takes doll and notices tracker in it. Kalyani looks on.

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