Udaariyaan 11th June 2022 Written Update: Tanya decides to tell Fateh about Tejo


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The episode starts with Tejo asking her friend why Fateh didn’t talk to her, if he is angry with her. Her friend says no. Someone calls her, so she leaves. Tanya places her on the tree to record her and Tejo’s video. She comes to Tejo and asks if she wants to meet Fateh. Tanya takes her near the tree. Tejo asks who she’s. Tanya says that she knows Fateh. Tejo gets happy and says that everything is ready for her wedding and asks if he will come. Tanya says that Fateh will definitely come. Tejo gets elated. Other side Jasmine dances ans rejoices the success of her plan. She wishes that her Canada dream also gets fulfilled. Jasmine says to Sweety to handle her engagement arrangements as she doesn’t think Virks will do grant arrangements. Sweety says that they’re agreed only because of Tejo. Jasmine smirks thinking that she’s not Tejo.

Here Tanya says to Tejo to not tell anyone about going to meet Fateh. Tejo asks her to promise. Tanya promise her that she will make her meet Fateh and her sister. She asks if sge remembers her sister. Tejo gets angry and says that sisters are evil. Tanya says that she only make her meet Fateh. Tejo gets calm down. Tanya leaves taking her phone.There Jasmine says that this time no one can come between her and Fateh. Here Tejo is elated to meet Fateh and tells her friend the same, but her friend refuses to believe her. Tanya says that now she has proof that Tejo is alive. She wonders to whom to show it, to Fateh or Jasmine.

Satti and Gurpreet meet and discuss about Fateh and Jasmine’s marriage. Satti wants that Gurpreet rethinks that decision and gives some time to Fateh whereas Gurpreet wants to do this marriage soon as she’s scared that Fateh will change his mind. Tanya overhears this and thinks to bring back Tejo in Fateh’s life soon to stop this wedding. Fateh remembers Tejo looking at her earring and gets sad. Meanwhile Tejo is searching for her anklet. She says that the other day hee earring was lost and now anklet. Her friend sees a Fakir Baba going. She says to Tejo to ask to Baba about Fateh. Tejo calls out Fakir Baba. Fateh imagines Tejo. She asks Fateh to make her wear the earring. He does so. Fateh says that he is stuck between mind and heart. Tejo says to leave to God his heart’s responsibility and fulfill the responsibility given to him. Fateh says that he can’t remove Fateh from his heart, but decides to fulfill his duty towards Amrik.

Tejo asks Baba if Fateh will come. Baba says that he will definitely come as their hearts are connected. Tejo gets elated on hearing this dance. Meanwhile Tanya returns home and sees that family making arrangements for Fateh and Jasmine’s engagement. She wonders whether to tell them about Tejo. She says that no, she should tell Jasmine and Fateh first. Tanya sees Jasmine dancing with Sweety. She decides to tell Fateh and recalls Tejo saying sisters are evil. Rupy and Satti discuss about Fateh and Jasmine marriage. They worry that they haven’t again made a wrong decision.

Tanya is confused to whom to tell about Tejo, Fateh or Jasmine. She plays the video recording and wonders whether to send it Fateh. Jasmine comes and asks who called Fateh as her groom. Tanya says that she didn’t say and Tejo, who can say, isn’t no more then why she feels insecure. Jasmine denies and warns to not cause ant problem in her wedding. Tanya asks what if Tejo returns for real which shocks Jasmine and reacts angrily. Tanya asks why she is feeling insecure hearing about Tejo, she should be happy instead after all she is her sister. Jasmine says that Tejo was a wall between her and Fateh and she doesn’t want anyone between her. She leaves angrily. Jasmine wonders why Tanya is talking like this and thinks of keeping an eye on her. Tanya thinks that Tejo was correct about Jasmine and decides to tell Fateh about Tejo.

Fateh is sitting getting ready for the engagement. He cries and says to Mahi that he can’t forget Tejo. Jasmine is happy about the engagement. Other side Tejo also feels sad.

The episode ends.

Precap: Jasmine puts ring in Fateh’s hand. Fateh is about to put the ring. Tanya phones Fateh and says him to come to Barnala if he really loves Tejo. Fateh leaves. Jasmine wonders why Tanya called Fateh to Barnala.

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