Udaariyaan 14th June 2022 Written Update: Jasmine learns that Tejo is alive


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The episode starts with Fateh standing shocked on seeing Tejo. Tejo is also stunned to see Fateh and gets flashes of her past. Fateh recalls Tejo’s death. Tejo touches Fateh’s face. Fateh gets emotional and smiles. He is about to say Tejo. The latter stops him placing her fingers on his lips. Tejo places her head on his chest and hears his heart beat. Tejo and Fateh smile looking at each other. Fateh wraps Tejo in his arms in a bone crushing hug. Meanwhile Jasmine is on the way to Barnala.

Fateh and Tejo break the hug. Fateh breaks into tears. Tejo asks why he is crying. She asks to see her, she is happy as her groom came. Tejo dances and shouts that her Fateh has come. Fateh hugs Tejo. Tejo asks Fateh to dance along with her. They dance while Tere deewana song plays in the BG. Other side Jasmine reaches the Shravan ashram and wonders why Tanya called Fateh here. In the engagement venue Virks and Sandhus wonder where Fateh and Jasmine gone. At the ashram Tanya calls Fateh and wonders why he is not reachable. She hides on seeing Jasmine and wonders what she’s doing here. Jasmine says to the gaurd that she brought fruits and sweets for the kids and goes in. Caretaker and Tejo’s friends are looking for Heer (Tejo).

One girl says that Heer must have gone to find Tejo. Jasmine asks that girl who is Heer. The girl says that Heer is a girl, who stays with her and Fateh is her groom. Jasmine is shocked on hearing this. She wonders who is Heer. She checks the register and is shocked to see Tejo’s photo. She asks who she’s. The girl says that she’s Heer and they found her on the river side with burning injury. Jasmine realises that Tejo is alive and Tanya knows it. She wonders why Tanya told this to Fateh. She wonders whether Tanya isn’t on the mission to unite Fateh-Tejo and stands shocked.

Here Fateh wonders why Tejo is behaving weirdly. Tejo says to all that Fateh has come. Fateh calls out Tejo. Tejo asks why he is calling her Tejo when her name is Heer. Fateh realises that Tejo doesn’t remember even her name. Fateh says that he calls her as Tejo. He says that they can go back home and meets her parents, brothers and sister. Tejo gets angry and says that sisters are bad. Fateh calms her down. Tejo remembers about the ashram and says to Fateh that they should go there and meet all of them.

Fateh agrees. Fateh and Tejo have sweet in a sweet stall. There Jasmine says that the girl she is looking for isn’t here. She gets ready to leave by giving her number. One girl says that Tejo might have gone to the fair organized near the ashram. Jasmine stops on hearing this. The first aid box falls down. Jasmine pretends to help them. She picks up a syrup bottle and leaves from there.

Tanya comes to the fair. She gets happy on seeing Tejo with Fateh. Jasmine comes to Tanya and asks where Tejo is. Fateh and Tejo leave from there. Tanya sees them leaving, but not Jasmine.Tanya asks why Jasmine isn’t happy knowing Tejo is alive. Jasmine lies that she’s happy. She says that Tanya knows about Tejo being alive and visited the ashram to meet her and asks why she didn’t tell her. Jasmine argues with Tanya.

The latter says that Jasmine never wanted Tejo to return, so that she gave her money to act as Tejo. She asks what if Fateh gets to know this. Tanya is about to leave. Jasmine makes Tanya unconscious and decides to leave her to a place from where she can never return. She gets determined to not let Fateh and Tejo United. Other side Fateh and Tejo are on the way to the ashram. Fateh thinks that they have to reach home soon.

The episode ends.

Precap: Tejo gets scared on seeing fire. Fateh gets shocked on seeing this. Water is poured over Fateh and Tejo.

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