Udaariyaan 14th March 2023 Written Update: Ekam makes a promise to the Sandhu’s and Jasmine


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The episode starts with Ekam wonders where Harleen went. Rupy asks him what happened and asks where both Harleen and Nehmat is? Ekam tries to lie but Rupy demands him to say the truth so he ends up telling that Shamsher kidnapped Nehmat also Harleen is nowhere to be found. Rupy gets shocked. Here Jasmine gets relieved seeing Harleen is in intoxicated state.

She also adds that she won’t spare Shamsher and Advait for trying to harm Harleen. She then gets shocked seeing Naaz who comes infront of the car so she stops the car and rushes to Naaz and asks what is she doing here. Naaz shouts at Jasmine for taking away Harleen from here to save her but not caring about her or her marriage life which is at stake that too because of Harleen and here she is taking Harleen from here.

Jasmine says to Naaz that because of Shamsher, Harleen’s life is at stake who she has to save first. Once she saves Harleen, promises to help Naaz return to the Kapoor’s mansion and unite her with Nikhil. Naaz shouts saying that Nikhil is good for nothing. She wants to live a luxurious life and it can only happen when Harleen withdraw her complaint against Advait.

Rupy and the entire family worries about both Nehmat and Harleen’s safety. Ekam tries to calm them down. He then calls his subordinate to track the phone number’s location from which he received calls. Meanwhile Harleen gains her consciousness and recalls whatever happened.

She also sees Jasmine is talking to someone. Naaz accuses Jasmine for loving Harleen more than her also Harleen is her priority. She further says that she will take Harleen with her to withdraw the complaint against Advait then goes and opens the car but gets shocked not finding Harleen not there.

Ekam wonders where Nehmat and Harleen must be. Here Shamsher ties Nehmat in an abandoned building. He then tells his men that they have to held Nehmat captive. It’s the only way he can make Advait come out of the prison.

Jasmine confronts the Sandhu’s and Ekam about Harleen’s whereabouts. She tells them that she don’t care about Nehmat also blames Nehmat for putting Harleen’s life at risk. Rupy asks her to shut her mouth and stop creating drama instead of find a way to reach Harleen and Nehmat.

He then compares both Jasmine and Harleen’s character’s which is totally different eventhough they both lookalike. Jasmine asks him to stop his lecture and blames them all for Harleen’s life which isn’t safe now. Rupy, Abhiraj and Harmaan tells Jasmine that Advait tried to kill Harleen but it’s Nehmat who saved her.

Jasmine gets shocked. Ekam learns about Shamsher’s location. He promises to find both Harleen and Nehmat also for their safety then leaves. Jasmine gets determined to punish Advait for trying to harm Harleen.

Nehmat unties herself then decides to leave the abandoned building. Shamsher and his men hears the sound so they rushes to check Nehmat but gets shocked not finding her there. Shamsher orders his men to find Nehmat at any cost.

Nehmat runs away from the building. The goons follows her. Swaroop and Satti prays to God while Jasmine and the Sandhu’s men inquires the people around about Harleen. Shamsher catches Nehmat and tries to take her with him but Ekam arrives there and fights with Samsher then takes Nehmat with him. They both hide themselves. Shamsher and his men searches for them both.

Ekam asks Nehmat to leave and goes to fight with the goons. Nehmat joins him and fights with the goons. Shamsher fires a bullet at Nehmat but his aim misses. Ekam asks Nehmat to leave immediately. Nehmat obliges. Ekam gets caught by Shamsher’s goons. Shamsher points at the gun at Nehmat. Nehmat freezes in her place. Shamsher fires the bullet and Ekam shouts Nehmat.

Precap: In the hospital the doctor says to Jasmine and the Sandhu’s the patient is in life support so now the only way they can save Harleen is through their prayer. Ekam arrives at the temple and offers prayer.

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