Udaariyaan 21st June 2022 Written Update: Gurpreet tries to prevent Fateh from going to Tejo


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The episode starts with Fateh and Tejo returning home. Sandhus say to Fateh and Tejo take the Saint blessings. Fateh and Tejo take Saint blessings. Tejo asks when she will get married to Fateh. Satti asks when Tejo will get well. Saint looks on silently. Other side Virks talk about Fateh’s decision of not marrying Jasmine. Gurpreet asks Kushbeer to talk to Fateh. Kushbeer says that Fateh loves Tejo and he won’t agree to marry anyone else. Gurpreet says that she would get Fateh and Tejo married and would ask Jasmine to give her child to them if Tejo didn’t lose her sanity.

Here Saint says that Fateh has to make his heart strong as only God’s will happen. Fateh and Sandhus get shocked on hearing this. There Virks are worried that Jasmine is stubborn and she can about her child. Nimmo says that she is worried that Fateh will marry insane Tejo. Gurpreet says that she will die before that. Here Fateh says that he is ready to fight even with God for staying with Tejo. He says that he made his decision of not leaving Tejo’s side and seeks the saint’s blessings. Satti smiles on hearing Fateh while Rupy looks on worried.

Tejo is running on the road looking for Fateh. Someone is following her in the car. Tejo calls out Fateh and wonders where he has gone leaving her. She sees a shadow and asks who is there. She shouts Fateh. Tejo wakes up startled. She shouts that where Fateh is and calls out Fateh. Other side Fateh senses it and wakes up. Tejo shouts and wakes up everyone in the house. Lovely gets irritated with Tejo’s act and taunts her. Jasmine gets glad hearing this. Satti tries to calm Tejo down

. Rupy says to Jasmine to not come in front of Tejo as she will react more violently on seeing her. Jasmine realizes that Tejo wants Fateh. She phones Gurpreet to give her love telecast of what’s happening here. Jasmine calls Gurpreet and pretends to call her mistakenly instead Fateh. Gurpreet hears Tejo’s scream and asks what happened. She says that Tejo is creating a scene wanting to meet Fateh. She apologizes to Gurpreet and disconnects the call.

Satti says to Rupy to call Fateh. Rupy hesitates how to call Fateh in the late night. Fateh gets restless and he video calls. Fateh talks to Trjo through the video call and calms her down saying that he is coming. Fateh gets ready to leave. Gurpreet stops Fateh from going to Tejo’s house and says that her family will handle her which surprises Fateh. Gurpreet says that everything has a limit and asks him to think about his life too. Fateh says that Tejo needs her. There Rupy cries and regrets for always misunderstanding Fateh. Here Gurpreet asks what Fateh’s relation with Tejo. Fateh says that he has a heart to heart relation with Tejo and he can’t break the promise he gave to her. Gurpreet reminds him the promise he gave to Jasmine and Amrik. She asks if he will break them for Tejo. Fateh says that he remembers them and will fulfill it, but for now he has to go to Tejo. He leaves.

Tejo hugs Fateh and cries. Fateh calms her down and gives her water. Tejo touches Fateh’s face and says to not leave her. She says him to sleep with her in his room. Satti says that she will sleep. Tejo refuses and says she wants only Fateh to sleep here. Fateh signs to Satti. He puts Tejo to sleep. Tejo holds Fateh’s hand and refuses to leave his hand when he gets up. Fateh says that they can’t sleep in the same bed since they’re not married. Lovely says that Fateh will become mad taking care of Tejo. Jasmine thinks that Lovely is going in the right way. He gets a duppata and ties the one end around Tejo’s wrist and sits near the door holding the other hand.

The episode ends.

Precap: Fateh plays in the football match. A player pushes Fateh and he falls down and gets injured. Tejo beats that player for hurting Fateh. A man scolds Fateh for losing the match and ruining college’s reputation.

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