Udaariyaan 22nd June 2022 Written Update: Jasmine devises an evil plan against Tejo


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The episode starts with Jasmine coming to Fateh, who is sleeping sitting. She thinks that Fateh is only hers. She covers him with a quilt and lays on the floor near him pretending to sleep. Fateh wakes up and sees Jasmine. He wakes her up and asks why she’s sleeping on the floor. Jasmine says that she also wants to look after Tejo as she always used to take care of her. She seeks Fateh’s help to befriend Tejo.

Fateh agrees and says her to go and sleep on the bed as it’s not good for her to sleep on the floor. Fateh stops Jasmine and says that he wants to talk to her. Fateh and Jasmine go apart. Fateh says to Jasmine that he can’t marry her when Tejo needs him the most. He says that he will fulfill all his duty towards her child and her, but not becoming her husband. Jasmine pretends to agree. She thinks in mind that Fateh trusts her and she will use his trust to get Fateh after separating him from Tejo.

Fateh is doing exercise. Tejo asks Fateh what he is doing. Fateh says that he is getting ready for his football match. Tejo insists to go along with him to see the match. Fateh refuses as he will play the match and won’t be able to look after her. Tejo gets adamant to see the match. Jasmine arrives there and smirks hearing this.

Tejo gets angry on seeing Jasmine and calls her evil sister and says her to get out. Fateh says that Jasmine isn’t evil else she wouldn’t have brought tea and rose for her. Fateh asks if he can take the rose to put on Tejo’s hair. Jasmine says that yes it doesn’t have thorns. Jasmine thinks that she kept the thorns separately to spread on Tejo’s path. Fateh thanks Jasmine for the rose and says to Tejo to thank Jasmine. Tejo obliges.

 Tejo insists to go along with Fateh to see the match. Jasmine says that she bring Tejo. Tejo refuses. Fateh says that Tejo has to come with Jasmine. Tejo agrees, but says that she should hold her hand. Fateh says to Tejo to promise that she will listen to Jasmine. Tejo agrees. She gets excited. Tejo goes to the washroom to get ready.

Fateh apologizes to Jasmine on behalf of Tejo and  leaves to get ready. Jasmine thinks that Fateh did big mistake by asking Tejo to listen to her. She says that she will make this match unforgettable. She decides to practice before going to the match. Jasmine locks the washroom door from outside and turns on the music.

Tejo shouts to open the door. She removes the washroom door lock and goes out through the window when Satti and Rupy come. Tejo complaints to Satti and Rupy that someone locked her inside the washroom. They say that the door is open when they come. Jasmine comes there. Tejo says that Jasmine locked her up in the washroom. Jasmine denies and lies that she was in call. After Satti and Rupy left.

 Jasmine admits to Tejo that she locked her up. Tejo gets angry and chases her taking a vase. Satti and Rupy come and stop Tejo. The latter says that Jasmine locked her up. Jasmine denies. Tejo says that she’s lying. Rupy and Satti calms her down and says her to get ready for the match.

Jasmine and Tejo reach the college. Jasmine takes Tejo to the principal and her colleagues. They get happy on seeing her and asks about her college rejoining. Tejo leaves from there. A teacher asks Jasmine what happened to Tejo, why she is brhaving like this. Jasmine apologizes to them and says that she should stop Tejo before she can create a scene and leaves.

The match begins. Tejo cheers for Fateh. Tejo calls out Fateh and signs him to do hair. Fateh comes to Tejo and does her hair. The principal and teacher see this. Jasmine signs the opposite team player.

Fateh says to Tejo that he arranged this seat especially for her and requests her to sit here. He says that this match is very important for him and wants to win it for her. Fateh requests Jasmine to look after Tejo. Jasmine asks Fateh to focus on his match and assures to take care of Tejo. However Jasmine thinks of an evil plan against Tejo.

The episode ends.

Precap: An opponent player pushes Fateh down. Fateh gets hurt. Jasmine provokes Tejo saying that Fateh is badly injured. Tejo beats the player who pushed Fateh.

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