Udaariyaan 27th September 2021 Written Update: Gurpreet pleads with Tejo to bring Fateh back home


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The episode starts with Jasmine and sweety coming out of Virk’s house. They see ladies protesting against Jasmine and Fateh. Jasmine tells them to get out. The ladies scold Jasmine for having affair with her sister’s husband. Jasmine says that it’s their family’s matter and asks them to leave. The ladies says that Jasmine spoiled her husband’s married life and wants to blacken her face for that. Tejo is on the way for home in the car. The ladies hold Jasmine and blacken Jasmine’s face and humiliate her. Jasmine cry.

Tejo reaches Virk’s house. She gets shocked on seeing ladies protesting. Jasmine pleads with the ladies to leave her. Tejo gets shocked on seeing Jasmine’s condition. Tejo rushes to Jasmine and pushes the ladies away. She drags Jasmine behind her and warns the ladies to not approach. Virk family comes to the Hall hearing the shouts and wonders what’s happening. Sweety comes inside and tells the family to not go out. Dadaji asks what happened.

Tejo scolds the ladies for blackening Jasmine’s face. The lady says that they’re protesting for Tejo. Tejo says that she can fight for herself and moreover it’s their family matter and they don’t need to interfere. She asks them to leave. Tejo further says that they’re not the law and they’re doing wrong by creating scene in front of someone’s house and blackening Jasmine’s face. The ladies leave.

Tejo takes Jasmine inside. Jasmine runs from there. Tejo asks Mayi and sweety to wash off Jasmine’s face. They obey. Biji asks what happened. Tejo says that she will tell her later, but for now they have to go to the hospital. Dadaji asks Tejo to take Biji carefully. Jasmine is sad recalling the ladies words.

Fateh comes to Jasmine. The latter cries hugging Fateh. She blames Tejo for what happened with her. She says that nothing can get fine until Tejo is in this house. She was called second woman due to Tejo. She says with determination that either she will stay in this house or Tejo. Fateh takes Jasmine to the hall. Fateh lashes out at his family members and says that today they have to decide that either he will stay in RH s house or Tejo.

Kusheer asks Fateh to leave. He says that Jasmine is bearing the consequences of her action. Kushbeer firmly says that Tejo won’t leave this house and if anyone should leave it’s Jasmine. If he can’t bear the consequences of her sin, she should leave. Fateh goes inside and brings his suitcase. He takes Jasmine and begins to leave. Gurpreet tries to stop him, but in vain.

Tejo comes back home with Biji. She gets shocked on seeing Gurpreet’s condition and asks what happened. She asks if Jasmine has done something and goes to check. Gurpreet says that this house is cursed, so her children don’t stay here, first Simran and now Fateh. Tejo gets shocked. Nimmo says that Fateh left the house with Jasmine. Biji cries and asking why they let him go. Tejo wants to phone Fateh, but Mati says that Fateh and Jasmine’s phone are switched off.

Fateh and Jasmine come to a lodge to stay. Jasmine complaints that the room isn’t clean and refuses to stay there. Fateh says that he only afford this for now. Gurpreet requests Tejo to convince Kushbeer to bring Fateh back home. Kushbeer refuses to bring Fateh back and says that Fateh will learn the value of relationship when he will suffer and leaves. Tejo says that she can’t believe Fateh can do like this with his mom. Jasmine asks where the money he earned through the academy.

Fateh reminds Jasmine that they have come leave everything. Fateh further says that he invested all his earned money in the academy and he doesn’t want to claim it. Fateh asks Jasmine to adjust. Jasmine refuses and says they need to make arrangement for money if they want to leave for London. Fateh says that he will do it and asks for some time. Jasmine asks how long he will take. Fateh says that he will in one week and requests her to adjust till that.

Fateh lies on the bed. Jasmine says Fateh to clean the bathroom if he wants her to stay here and she will clean the room. Tejo comes to Gurpreet. Gurpreet pleads with Tejo to bring Fateh back. Mayi comes and says that she’s angry with Fateh for leaving the house and worries that he will never come back like Simran. She hugs Tejo and asks to do something.

The episode ends.

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