Woh To Hai Albela 4th March 2023 Written Update: Saroj not satisfied with Sayuri’s answer.

Wo Toh Hai Albela

Woh To Hai Albela 4th March 2023 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Kanha trying to divert Sayuri. Sayuri says he can’t keep avoiding and she has answers for Saroj’s questions. She’s ready to answer it. She asks Saroj to ask her questions. Saroj asks what happened for the past one year and asks her about Mittu. Manga gets angry and everyone assemble there. Sayuri stops him and says she can answer. Sayuri says that she was pregnant when she was in coma. She says that they snatched Mittu from her and so she’s forced to stay there and act as Vikranth’s wife for the child.

Saroj says it’s difficult to believe that both she and the baby survived after falling so high from the cliff. She told about Doctor saying that she was pregnant right on the same day before she got separated from them. Sayuri says that it’s God’s mercy that she survived such a big fall with the baby. Saroj taunts her saying that God showers way too much mercy on her. She’s still not ready to accept Sayuri’s words. Kanha stops her and says that it’s her problem if she didn’t trust Sayuri but he says that he completely trusts her and believes that Mittu is his baby. He says that he’s not ready to do any DNA test to prove and takes Sayuri with him. Dhanraj and Daddu reprimands Saroj.

Kanha apologizes Sayuri as she’s forced to hear all that despite him being there. Sayuri says it’s not his fault as she knew that he’ll trust her. However the society has more interest on others which forces Saroj to develop fear in her mind. Kanha says it’s astonishing of her to find positivity in everything in life. Sayuri says she can handle anything when Kanha is with her. Indu angriky confronts Saroj that how could she question a girl like that being a girl herself. Saroj says that she wasn’t blaming her and is simply questioning her.

Indu says that she was seeing Sayuri from childhood and asks if she doesn’t trust her. Saroj says that just like her she’s also a mother and wants her son to be happy. Dadi intervenes and makes it clear to Indu that none treats Sayuri as their enemy there. Indu asks if what’s happening is right and asks her to answer as the elder of the house. Dadi reminds her that it’s a matter of the house and outsiders have no right comment on it. Indu is hurt by her words and leaves saying that she was forced to stay there because of Kanha’s request. She also adds that she’s outsider. Dadi Mausi asks Rashmi to explain her mother. Kanha watches it all.

Nakul is bewildered hearing about Saroj’s accusations on Sayuri. He asks Kanha to not worry as Sayuri is strong to face it all. Rashmi comes there and thinks in her mind that she won’t let the doubt leave from Saroj’s mind. Kanha says that she’s blessed with Kukku and Mittu who’s keeping her away ftom all the stress. Sayuri is taking care of Mittu while Kukku is drawing. Kukku wants to dance and Sayuri plays the music for her. Later Sayuri also joins as Kukku insisted.

Precap:. Sayuri will find lights flickering and someone’s presence around her. She will ask who it is when Vikranth will come in front of her. He will say that their time for reunion is back and asks if she’s ready for it. Sayuri will be in terrified.

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