Woh Toh Hai Albelaa 22nd July 2022 Written Update: Doctor’s advise to Kanha.


Woh Toh Hai Albelaa 22nd July 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Saroj asks Sayuri to stop her misunderstanding that Kanha doesn’t love Anjali. She asks her to leave from Kanha’s life. Sayuri says she won’t go as she loves Kanha. Saroj asks her to leave as she herself witnessed Kanha rushing to Anjali leaving all the arrangements he made himself.

Sayuri reasons that it’s because her life is at risk. She asks her to leave the house and make way for Kanha and Anjali’s relationship. Saroj says that her anger on her will be reduced only when she leaves the house. She says that she’s scared what Kanha would face because of Anjali’s suicide attempt. She asks her to leave the house without Kanha knowing about it and also asks her to keep their conversation a secret.

Kanha cries holding Anjali. Sayuri asks God what should she do. She throws away the cake and the decorations. She sees the diary and holds it and apologizes Kanha. Kanha places Anjali in car. Sayuri keeps back the diary and rushes out and cries hard. Kanha keeps saying Anjali that he won’t let anything happen to her. Saroj’s words keeps ringing in Sayuri’s mind. She thinks she really came between them. Sayuri doesn’t want to be the reason for anyone’s pain.

Kusum says Saroj that she didn’t tell anyone about Anjali’s condition and asks what’s she saying. Saroj says she told whatever she wanted to say to Sayuri. Kusum asks whether she threatened her. Saroj says that she made her understand softly and once she leaves their life she would forget the hatred for her and her family. She prays God for Sayuri to leave the house.

Sayuri looks at the chain gifted by Kanha and cries holding it. She looks at the vermilion box and friendship band. She keeps all on table. Kusum asks if she really thinks Anjali really tried to harm herself. She prays God to protect Anjali. Kusum asks what she’s saying and Saroj says she did it due to her words and to bring Kanha closer ti her. Sayuri decides to go away from Kanha. Anjali is admitted and Kanha asks if she’s fine. Doctor says she’s fine now and takes Kanha aside to speak with him.

Sayuri leaves her bag and cries saying what she was about to do as it would result in big pain for Kanha. Doctor says Kanha that Anjali is in deep stress which resulted PTSD. So Doctor advises him to not leave her alone unless and until she gets completely fine. Sayuri starts moving out.

Kanha comes out and calls Sayuri. Sayuri picks the call and Kanha says he’s in hospital. Sayuri asks about Anjali. Kanha says she’s fine now and told what Doctor told him. He blames himself for her condition and is in guilt. He says he would’ve been guilt forever if something happened to Anjali.

Sayuri recalls Saroj’s words. She says he did right by leaving her and rushing to Anjali. Kanha asks if she’s fine and Sayuri controls her tears. Sayuri asks him not to overthink. Kanha says that Doctor told to take proper care of Anjali. Sayuri suggests him to bring Anjali home and Kanha thanks her. They both cuts the call.

Precap : Kanha will bring Anjali home when Sayuri will be about to leave with her bags. Kanha will ask Sayuri where she’s going and Sayuri will say that she’s going to her mom’s house. Kanha will say Sayuri that he loves her but Sayuri will say Kanha that he doesn’t love her.

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