Woh Toh Hai Albelaa 8th March 2023 Written Update: Rashmi’s efforts to prove Sayuri mentally unstable


The episode starts with Sayuri panicking hearing Vikranth’s voice through the phone. Kanha asks what happened and Sayuri says that it’s Vikranth. Kanha picks the call and the guy on the other hand says that he called from the lucky draw. Kanha cuts the call asking him to not call again. He says the same to others but Sayuri says that she’s sure that it’s Vikranth. Everyone says that she might be mistaken and asks her not to worry. Sayuri says that she’s sure he’s Vikranth. Kanha comforts her while Nakul suggests to give the number to the Police Station. Kanha asks him to proceed. Rashmi comes in private and calls someone. She says that everything is happening according to her plan.

Nakul says Vikranth that Police traced the call. Kanha tells Sayuri that it’s actually a sales call. Sayuri gets angry and asks how it could be a sales call when she clearly heard it’s Vikranth. She soon realizes that she acted rude unnecessarily with Kanha and apologizes to him. Kanha says it’s fine. Indu asks Dhanraj if Sayuri really needs treatment. Saroj complains to Dadi Mausi about how Kanha has to deal with Sayuri’s mental state. Dadi Mausi comforts her that it’s just a matter of time till she turns back to normal. Saroj wonders when they would get the reports and is worried what if their suspicion turned true’. She is worried about how to handle the issue. Kanha and Sayuri come to shop for Holi with Kanha when Kanha leaves to get his wallet.

Sayuri is sitting in front of the tea shop when a mask seller comes there and pleads with her to get one. Sayuri says that she doesn’t want when the masked person asks her to get it for Kuku and Mittu. Sayuri gets shocked hearing him take her kids name and asks who he is. He removes his mask and Sayuri gets shocked seeing Vikranth. She runs after him but Vikranth runs away from her. Sayuri catches him when Vikranth scares her in private. Sayuri sits scared. Vikranth continues scaring her. Kanha comes in search of her.

Suddenly Vikranth gets replaced by another man who lies that it was Sayuri who wanted to purchase mask from him. Sayuri gets confused and asks him to leave. While he’s about to leave he slips and Vikranth’s mask falls down. Sayuri helps him while he gets scared. Kanha comes there and the guy hides the mask behind his back. Sayuri says he’s just a sales man but Kanha notices him hiding mask in mirror and gets doubtful. Sayuri and Kanha buy lots of gifts for the kids.

Precap: Sayuri will take rounds around Holi fire when Vikranth appears in front of her. She will ignore it when Kanha asks what happened. Kanha will find a different foot print at their House and will show it to Nakul. Nakul is sure that someone is trying to scare Sayuri. Sayuri comes to Saroj and says that the medical science is advanced and if she wants she can probe it.