Yeh Hai Chahatein 12th March 2023 Written Update: Nayantara accuses Mansi of pushing her into the water tank


Episode begins with Mansi suggests to begin Holika Dahan puja without Nayantara. She says that Nayantara would have arrived on time if Nayantara felt this puja is important then. Ishani says that Nayantara is not irresponsible person so she must be stuck with some work. Samrat tells Mansi that Ishani is right, so puja won’t happen without Nayantara. He goes to bring Nayantara and he searches her. He wonders that where Nayantara went. He goes to terrace. Nayantara thinks that she can’t accept her defeat and she hits water tank. He hears a noise coming from water tank. He gets shocked seeing Nayantara inside the water tank. And he rescues her.

Malati asks Nayantara that how the latter fell into the water tank. Ishani asks Nayantara that why the latter went to terrace. Nayantara says that someone pushed her. Samrat asks her that who pushed her. Nayantara accuses Mansi of pushing her into the water tank. Mansi asks her that why the latter is accusing her again. She says that she can’t even think to do something like that. She tells them that she was with them always.

Samrat tells Nayantara that Mansi is right. Mansi says that there is a possibility that Nayantara fell into the water tank to get his attention. Samrat tells her that Nayantara is not like that. Mansi says that Nayantara should stop targeting her and leaves from there. Malati tells Nayantara and Samrat to get ready and come for puja. Everyone leaves from there. Samrat tells Nayantara that one thing is sure Mansi did nothing.

Later, Samrat and Nayantara performs Holika Dahan puja. Mansi gets irritated seeing that. Nayantara thinks that she has to prove Mansi’s wrongdoing with proof. Samrat thinks that wrong happened with Nayantara and he has to find out who did that.

Mohit tells Samrat that the latter would have got scared seeing Nayantara like that. Samrat tells him that anything would have happened if he reached late then. He says that Nayantara is not lying. Mohit tells him that Mansi did not push Nayantara for sure. Samrat tells him that now he is sure someone is helping Mansi and they have to find Mansi’s accomplice as soon as possible.

Later, Nayantara searches Prem. She sees Samrat preparing for holi celebration with Prem and Chintu. Samrat asks Nayantara to join them. Nayantara tells them that it’s time to sleep. They starts throwing water balloons at each other ( Title song plays in the background ). Chintu and Prem tells Samrat that he made Nayantara angry again.

Mansi thanks Aliya. Aliya tells her that she is doing all this for herself too. Mansi tells her that tomorrow’s holi will be last holi for Nayantara with Samrat. She plans to give bhaang to Nayantara. Next day, Samrat applies colour on Prem’s face. Prem tells him that the latter can’t apply colour on Nayantara’s face.

Episode ends.

Precap – Samrat tries to apply colour on Nayantara’s face. Aliya gets angry seeing that.