Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th January 2020 : Vedika Apologizes For Her Mistakes


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The Episode begins with Naira stating you did not offer any kidney. Kartik shows reports and states your kidneys look fine from the reports. He recalls asking the guy to send Vedika’s real reports. Naira states this is Umesh’s written statement. Kartik says that he wrote clearly that he gave the kidney to Naira. Manish asks why. Naira says for cash sake, Pallavi and Vedika paid him to lie.

Kartik says truth came out, Naira had concealed everything, I knew something isn’t right. FB reveals Kartik hearing Pallavi and Vedika’s talk. Naira says we played the exact same game with you. Kartik says yesterday I got mad in your lie, and Naira told me the facts. FB reveals Naira hugging Kartik. He asks why did not you tell me that Vedika did not give you a kidney. She says I wanted to say, I was discovering proof. He says I do not require any evidence from you, I’m trying to locate truth. She says Umesh gave me a kidney, not Vedika.

He says I know, you should have told me. She says I’m scared for you. He says I’ll make Vedika from my life, how dare she do so, I assured her dad I will take good care of her, but today I won’t leave her. She states she did wrong, but because of her loneliness. FB ends.

Vedika states this is cheating. Kartik scolds her. Vedika says our divorce did not happen. He says you’ve signed our marriage annulment papers. She recalls. She says I did not expect this from you. He states I also did not expect this from you, we gave you enough opportunities. He says I was going to ask you, but Naira stopped me,” she stated that you did many things right. Naira says you’re good, so you did not trouble Kartik, you dropped lonely, in the event you accepted your error and went, we would haven’t told the family. He says you went on lying.

Dadi says they’re right, you are not poor at heart, I would have forgiven you, we did wrong with you. Suwarna says regret is our evaluation, if we maintain our goodness, we’re called a fantastic person. Vedika shouts stop it, I lied and cheated, I can not rectify my error, punish me, I do not deserve the friendship, Kartik punish me. Kartik state we’ve no complains.

Naira says when you realized error, we should encourage you. Vedika says no, I deserve punishment. Dadi asks Vedika to go away and forget them, move on and try to keep happy, everybody makes mistakes, you’ve realized your mistake, I would like you to remain happy in life. Vedika hugs her. Naira says call us or come here if you want something. Vedika breaks her mangalsutra and provides it to Naira.

She says I wish you always remain happy. Naira hugs Vedika. Kartik says always remember, we’ll always be friends. Vedika greets them and goes. Kartik and Naira hold hands. Its morning, Kairav says its mumma and Papa’s union today. He dances happily and says nothing should go wrong. Kairav comes to Naira. He hugs her. Naira gets ready. Dadi reaches the temple and hurries. She receives Kartik’s message. Kartik asks her to not mad and just be happy. Dadi replies fine. She says he knows that I can not refuse to him.

Kartik says its our union. Naira dances and says , its our union. They see each other on the projector screen. Saajna…. .plays… They dancing. He states see you soon. She states very soon. Surekha cries.

Dadi asks why are you crying. Surekha says I’m so happy, Lav and Kush are coming after several years. She tells the women that her sons are coming. Surekha says I also have raised them. Dadi says do not make me cry now. They go. Manish, Akhilesh and Samarth laugh seeing them cry. They joke. Akhilesh states Lav and Kush are coming. They cry.

Kartik and Naira say we’re leaving. Naksh says even I want to cry. Manish says for Naira’s bidaai. Naksh says no, always something goes wrong in the union. Manish says right. Dadi says we’ve prepared everything. She asks Surekha and Suwarna to maintain aarti plate prepared. The cow makes all of the fantastic fall down. They shout. Manish asks what happened. They show the food dropped on the ground. Suwarna says cow ate the food, and also vanar sena also destroyed it. Naksh says I had prepared all of the food since morning. Dadi says I’d made all laddoos. Kartik and Naira’s clothes become stuck.