Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 13th November 2019 Upcoming Story: Mehul Tricks Abir

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

The Episode begins with Meenakshi stating you understand Mishti understands your fact and that is why you wished to operate with land, I’m not in rush, allow Abir come and watch that your poor encounter, this house is not yours, you need to go prison, I’ll call law enforcement. Mehul yells her telephone and says recall, I’m the identical person who trapped you to love 20 decades back, you did not understand I’m married. She immediately attempts to call somebody. Mehul states I did that the fraud, you believed you have free of me, I’m back, you believed you’ll show that the pics and undermine me, you’re always absurd, provide the land to me, else the name news is going to undoubtedly be, Meenakshi Rajvansh got burnt in Rajvansh Sadan and expired.

Kuhu collides with Kunal. She states sorry. He states I’m sorry. Kunal answers the telephone. Meenakshi says you’re threatening to kill me, but do not overlook my sons come with me, my own Kunal is with me personally. Kunal gets stunned and states Maa. Mishti states I had this uncertainty provided long. Abir inquires do you doubt our love, do not you love me anymore. She says, how do you believe this. He says whomever I adore only manipulates me. She wants him and says that I shall never do so, I guarantee, I won’t ever use you leave you, I can not even lie for you personally, I wish to inform you… Mishti frees him. Kunal breaks and comes to their hugs. He says that we must go house, Maa wants usMishti to clarify him this is not any match. Mishti says only proceed, call me please proceed now, simply listen to a Maa prior to deciding. Abir states come together. Rajshri calls for her. Abir and Kunal leave.

Mishti says that I won’t let any difficulty come today, I guarantee. Mehul yells the images and inquires would you send me. Meenakshi says maybe not me personally, Abir will send you to prison. Mehul inquires is Abir a puppet, he is not Kunal when he sees that the pics, he’ll ask you why did not you save and go Mishti. She believes if I understand Kunal, he’ll come and receive Abir’s house. Mehul asks to provide the house. Abir asks what occurred. Kunal states I discovered Mehul and Meenakshi’s dialog, he had been a threatening mother. Abir claims its hopeless. He predicts Meenakshi. Mehul yells her mobile phone. Meenakshi says believe what’s going to occur when Mishti informs the reality. Mehul says I’m not afraid of her, but you do not wish to eliminate Abir, Mishti has commanded him to sign the land. She says that I will not sign, you’ll get detained, your match is finished. He says I’ll inform Abir the Kunal is his own stepbrother. She yells closed.

Abir and Kunal come home and operate in. Kaushal seems on. Mehul says that I shall inform Abir. She says that you will not do so, I’ve increased both the sons jointly and did not have some partiality, Kunal can also be my son. He says I’ll inform him that you created Kunal the younger brother of Abir, so he does not get the house. She states shameless guy, I’ll kill you. She grabs his collar. Abir yells Maa. She inquires Abir and Kunal to visit their daddy. Mehul says that the mother had been bribing me with land, she had been requesting me to leave you. He shows that the house papers and states she compelled me to signal this, she had been beating me. He yells. Abir gets stunned.

Mehul says I want to have my kid vaccinated. Nanu inquires did both of these procedures, why. Mishti says perhaps they want one there. Parul states we ought to go home. Mishti greets them. Nanu and Parul bless her. Mishti states go home and phone me Parul Maa, Parul Maasi. Parul yells and says, do not worry. They depart. Vishwamber inquires where did you move earlier participation, I need to understand truth. Mishti states that I had been thinking if I must reside with the household after marriage, I learned Mehul is not a great man. He inquires what. Rajshri states you ought to haven’t gone now. Mishti states Meenakshi will inform fact to Abir. He asks what is happening. Mishti claims sorry, Abir believes his father is great, he is not good, he’d lots of scams, he wishes to snare Abir in fraud,” I gave evidence to Meenakshi. Varsha states Mehul obtained the newspapers to modify his title. Mishti inquires did Abir signal. Kuhu states no. Mishti states Meenakshi desired the time to have Mehul detained. Vishwamber says you’re in pressure and solved the significant riddle independently, and you understand the danger. Mishti states I must know now, I was not convinced, I had no evidence. Kuhu claims its epic family play, what exactly are you doing here, you ought to be using Abir. Varsha says you should be there. Rajshri states Abir will require you. Mishti believes of Lalita’s words. She says that I know, I’m constantly with Abir, its own family thing, I should not go there. Kuhu states you ought to inform this on Abir.

Mishti states no, Abir ought to understand it, I understand how it feels if the thing becomes people when my father came and did this. Vishwamber says I’m with you personally and Abir too, I want Abir to get patience and strength to hear that this fact, I guarantee, I’m enough for you personally and Abir. He hugs Mishti. She yells. Abir reads the newspapers… I will not predict Abir my son also will not speak to him, ” I will not have legal rights. Meenakshi says he’d signed the papers voluntarily, he desired the house, believe why would I give him all. Mehul says do not blame me such as that, Meenakshi did exactly the exact same 20 decades back, I arrived for Abir, Meenakshi will destroy anybody who enjoys Abir.

He shows the newspaper and states Meenakshi did so scam in my title. Meenakshi says I’m stating the fact, he advised me to provide him land, else Abir will depart the household, I’m prepared to provide land. Mehul inquires why are you currently making my son, bad Kunal did not know that you, Abir is increased up, he will not arrive on your phrases. Kunal inquires why will mommy do so scam. Mehul states because Abir is altering his title. Mehul claims it’s composed that Abir Kapadia failed the scam, but she’s also directing you. Kunal states that is sufficient, who can you say about my mom. Mehul inquires Meenakshi how do she snare her son, she had been in Rajgarh about Karwachauth afternoon, she planned this all, Meenakshi must go to prison. Kunal says closed up.

Meenakshi says alright, I’ll go to jail, so my son will not trust me, its no much better I move off, and I won’t ever return, I ask you, do not change your title, go and inquire Mishti. Abir says do not get Mishti inside this. Nanu and everybody come. Abir asks Mehul to emerge and they’ll go away. He says that I don’t have anyone here today, I do not have anybody here. She says, listens. Abir requires Mehul. Mehul smiles. Khushiyaan Bhi baaten….plays… Everyone attempts to prevent Abir. Kunal retains Meenakshi. Everybody yells. Nanu consoles Meenakshi.