Ziddi Dil Maane Na 27th November 2021 Written Update: Karan video calls Koel.


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The episode starts with Karan saying that he’s calling from Parakram SAF and asks who was that. Abhay breaks the mobile in anger. Monami says that they tried calling Koel seeing line cut. Sid tries justifying himself and says that all the fault is on him as he forced Monami to come with him. Monami says that she did trust him but being Koel’s friend they couldn’t stop worrying about her. On the other hand, Abhay is torturing Koel blaming her for trying to contact academy. Koel keeps denying she didn’t but Abhay doesn’t believe her and hurts her fingers. Monami asks Karan what if Koel wanted to contact them but couldn’t due to Abhay. She says that Abhay doesn’t seem to be someone whom he portrays himself to be. Karan says that they will contact Koel but in case if Koel said nothing is wrong then they should stop interfering. Both agrees.

Faizi is checking out at Abhay’s profile when Karan comes there with Monami and Sid. He will ask him to video call Nikhil and find how Koel is doing. Abhay will again act sweet and showers her with love after torturing her. They video call him and Nikhil greets them and says that he misses them. Karan will ask Nikhil to give the phone to Koel and he takes it to Koel and Abhay’s room. They find Abhay hugging Koel while Abhay gets irked by them. They asks how she’s doing and Koel lies that she’s fine. Abhay apologies Monami for publishing her name in newspaper. They will cut the call whole Koel will say that it’s not her who called them. Abhay says he believes. Sid wants to argue that something was off with Koel but Mona stops him. Monami says Karan that she trusts him and leaves the issue to him. Faizi asks Karan that whether he doesn’t find something off. Karan thinks that something is wrong for sure.

Sid is not convinced but Monami will ask him to let Karan deal with it. Everyone are training for Chakravyuh competition. Sid is still upset about Koel. Abhay wakes up and finds Koel missing. He comes down to find Koel speaking on phone with someone. She serves him his favourite breakfast. Abhay is doubtful and asks with whom she was speaking. Koel says she was speaking with Mrs. Chopra and invited them home. Abhay doesn’t trust her while Koel makes plans. Karan finds Sid lost in his thoughts and asks if he’s worried about Koel. Sid says that when he entered the academy he was like a headless chicken but once coming here he realized the hardships of life and wants to help people. Karan says in order to help people he should become someone who could actually help people. He asks him to become a good commando for it. Sid takes his advise and assures to become a good commando.

Sid was about to fall when Sanjana holds him. They both share an eye lock. Sid thanks him while Sanjana asks him to continue training. Abhay asks for coffee from servant and Koel brings it. He asks did she add sleeping pills in it but then smiles saying that he was joking. Koel leaves. Abhay watches her from CCTV camera. Abhay finds Koel calling someone and taps the call to find her speaking with Mrs. Chopra and cuts it. He leaves the place while Koel keeps a watch on him. Once he leaves Koel asks Chopra to book London tickets for three people and asks her not to inform Abhay as its a surprise for him. Chopra agrees and cuts the call. Koel sighs in relief and turns around only to find Abhay standing watching her. Koel gets shocked.

Precap : Karan will say Sanjana and Faizi that he finds something off with Koel and will decide to visit her house. Abhay will once again torture Koel after finding that she pretended to have changed. When Abhay is away, Koel will get her passports from the locker. Sanjana, Karan, Monami, Faizi and Sid will visit Koel’s House.

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