Ali Baba- Dastaan-e-Kabul 1st October 2022 Written Update: The kids fight for their lives and to save Gullu!


Ali Baba- Dastaan-e-Kabul 1st October 2022 Written Update on

Episode Ali jokes with the gaurd as he recognises Mariam. Ali says this woman is very mysterious and has some rules so she can’t show her face. Ali whispers to Mariam that he did his part but now she should be ready to run. Gaurds discuss and say, we will be doing a very risky job by sending you without seeing her face so we need something too. Ali gives some coins. The gaurds get happy. The gaurd then say we will test your hand. Ali says why? Gaurd says you said your hand is not working and has no sense so we will test that by putting fire on it. Ali gets shocked. Here, Sadam tells the kids how he brings many kids as family so I have raised many. Alifi says we can’t be family, we want to leave. Sadam says you have just come so stay here for a while you will know. Sadam asks a kid to tell them why you don’t leave. Kids say we are building a castle to keep ourself safe from those thieves. Ahmad thinks there is something fishy as he is making the kids work. Gulrez and Nafi argue on how they won’t work for him and he should hire adults to work. Sadam says kids cost me less than adults so I get more profit.

Here, Mariam sees Ali burn his hand. Mariam gets worried for her while Ali bears the pain pretending he is not sensing it. A lady is praying how a person gets brave when they get heated in fire. Here the gaurds let Mariam and Ali go. Mariam thinks what is my relation with him that he is doing so much for me. They leave. Here, Sadam aska the kids that you will do labour work for me so that the thieves don’t trouble or doubt on me. Kids say our dad is Ali baba, he will definitely come to save us no matter what. Sadam makes fun of them. Alifi blames Nafi for making her bring them here and eat those medicated food. Nafi thinks I also didn’t know, I hope Dad comes soon.

Here, Ali is in hurt, Mariam worries for him and hells him wash it and put a cloth on it. Mariam asks him why he did that? Ali says they would have known about your identity if I wouldn’t have done this. Ali gets mesmerized by Mariam. Mariam asks Ali not show unnecessary bravery like this. Ali says I did for good. Ali explains Mariam about how they have to take risk for bigger picture and we need to show cleverness in such situations. Ali says I have taught my 5 kids also this that you should always stick together and never give up. Ali asks her to resume their journey.

The kids are trapped and made to work. Alifi sees Gulu get ill so he stops the gaurds from beating Gullu. The kids helps Gullu get better. Alifi says I will do her work but she won’t as she is ill. Sadam says everyone has to work if Gullu doesn’t work then I will send her to prison. All the 5 kids stand up for Gullu and say we won’t let you take her. The gaurds try to beat them up when the kids try to revolt. Sadam asks everyone to capture the kids and not to give them food or water. Sadam takes Gullu. Nafi says I promise I will take you all out of here. Here, Simsim asks Ilblis to find that tasmin. Ilbis says that must be with some man it seems. Simsim says bring it for me, it’s in some man’s neck. Simsim orders some gaurds who gets hipnotized by her. Ali and Mariam have a cute fight but due to their different thoughts they decide to part ways. They look at each other.

Episode ends.

Precap – Ali sees a man and worries. Mariam thanks a gaurd and then sees Sadam and gets shocked.

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