Ali Baba Ek Andaz Andekha 4th March 2023 Written Update: People to pelt stones at Marjina


Ali Baba Ek Andaz Andekha 4th March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Poya running away as goat and Alifi calling it. She runs after it and Poya wonders how to make Alifi understand that he’s Poya. She gets confused when the goat writes Poya with leaves. Alifi gets confused at first but soon decodes that the goat is Poya. Marjina is instructing the servants for her friend’s wedding and Ali sees it. He hides seeing Shezada coming to Marjina. Marjina recalls Shagufta’s words and tries avoiding the topic. Shezada holds her hand and says that she doesn’t have to shy to face him as he knows about the proposal. He says that he’s ready to accept any of her answer.

Ali is stunned hearing Shezada’s lies and gets irked. Ali interrupts them and calls Marjina to go shopping for her best friend’s wedding preparations. Shezada says that Marjina will not go anywhere but Ali indirectly provokes her to come with him making her friend as excuse. Ali’s thoughts came true when Marjina says that she would accompany him as she wants to do everything herself in her best friend’s wedding. Shezada has no option but agree while Ali decides to show Marjina the truth about Shezada using the situation. At first, Marjina’s friend is angry with her for her early behavior but Marjina convinces her. They patch up and leave for purchasing.

Alifi is feeding Poya with grass when Nafi comes there. Alifi says Nafi that the goat is Poya and Rumana is the magician who turned him this way. He gets socked hearing it and asks what should the do now. Alifi says that they shouldn’t make the witch know that they knew her truth and believes that the other goats are kids too. While purchasing , Marjina slips and Ali holds her. Her friends laugh teasing at them while Marjina gets angry at them. Suddenly the commoners start pelting stones at Marjina and her friends and Ali protects them.

 Marjina wonders why Abran is risking his life for them. Abran takes Marjina away. Alifi and the kids pretend like searching Poya to fool Rumana. Rumana however catches their lie and with the help of Dadi turns Nafi and Haida into goats too. They were shocked to learn that Dadi is actually the thief. After reaching palace the people complain about the monster killing all their blood relations. Shezada assures that he would soon catch the monster and asks them not to revolt. The people get convinced but Marjina asks what was he doing out the whole night as he said that he has gone to catch the monster.

Precap : Begum and Shezada discuss about Marjina while Shezada is very much angry. Ali will take Marjina to the secret pathway saying that his father told him about it. Shezada will say that today after he turns into monster he would rip away the human that comes in front of him.

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