Kaamnaa 29th July 2022 Written Update: The show ends on a happy note.

Kaamnaa 29th July 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Swati saying Akanksha that she’s wrong to request what she asked but Akanksha asks what wrong did she ask as she spent 7 years of her life for Manav and Yadhu and asks whether she don’t deserve atleast this much to ask from them. She sees Yadhu outside from mirror and makes him feel guilty. She sees Sakshi joining him and adds that she will leave the house immediately and will not see anyone’s face be it Yadhu or Manav till she dies. Sakshi hugs crying Yadhu who asks whether she isn’t upset with Akanksha. Sakshi says she’s not as a dying person doesn’t know what’s right and wrong and she can understand it. She says that she will speak with Manav.

Sakshi comes to Manav and says she wants to speak something with him. Manav says if she wants to talk about Akanksha then he says he’s not interested. Sakshi says she’s there to talk about them and Yadhu. She asks whether they could live happily ignoring a dying person’s wish. She requests him to think about it. Manav asks her whether she’s aware of what she’s saying. Sakshi pleads him and tries making him understand.

Next day, Niharika asks Yadhu if his mother got ready and he says she’s getting ready. Sakshi is getting Akanksha dressed up as bride and Akanksha thanks Sakshi for fulfilling her wish. Sakshi goes to check arrangements. Yadhu gets stuck in fire due to electrician’s irresponsibility. Yadhu screams for help when Akanksha comes there. She shouts at Yadhu that she will save. She tries getting close to Yadhu but got stopped by fire.

Yadhu faints when Sakshi comes there. She got scared for Yadhu and took a blanket and entered into fire to rescue him. She wraps Yadhu in a blanket and takes him out getting hurt herself. Akanksha goes speechless witnessing it all. Everyone surrounds Yadhu and wakes him up. Yadhu wakes up remembering Akanksha saying that she will rescue him and thinks she rescued him. He thanks her.

Akanksha breaks down and everyone gets worried. Sakshi thinks she’s not well but Akanksha says that she don’t have any disease and she was acting all along to get married to Manav. She says that she failed as a mother and says Yadhu that it was Sakshi who saved him. Yadhu gets disgusted at her. Swati slaps her twice for acting sick. Akanksha says Yadhu that she loves him a lot but Sakshi loves him many times more than that and wishes them a happy married life.

Manav shouts at her to stop and calls out all her selfish moves and blames himself for trusting it to be love. He says that before witnessing Sakshi’s love he believed whatever she showered was love and blames himself for it. He asks her to leave their life and never come back. Akanksha leaves with Swati asking them yo forgive her if possible. Manav and Sakshi gets married and the show ends on a happy not.

The End.

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