Lag Ja Gale 4th March 2023 Written Update: Puja, Shiv in the blame game


Lag Ja Gale 4th March 2023 Written Update on

In today’s episode, Ishani feels weak. She tells Shiv that she is getting late and asks him to clear her due. Shiv goes to sign cheque. Ishani opposes saying cheque clearance takes time. He asks her to give bank details in written. Ishani writes the details with lots of difficulties. Shiv feels something is not right with Ishani. Shiv says that he will bank transfer her money. Shiv adds that finally Ishani has learned that money runs the world. Shiv is called for a meeting with minister.

Shiv asks someone to transfer the money to Ishani. He gears up to leave. Ishani sees that blood is dripping from her wound. She tries to stop it with her hand. Shiv asks her to leave his cabin. He asks whether he should asks someone to drop Ishani at home. Ishani says that she will manage. Ishani asks for money again. Shiv advises her to not carry attitude. Ishani says that she is asking for her rights only. Shiv leaves. Ishani feels acute pain. Suraj calls her. She says that she is coming in two minutes. She walks with difficulty. Bhupen comes there and sees her.

He gets the paper where Ishani wrote her bank details. He informs Sumit that now he will start playing his game. Ishani comes to the parking lot. She cries in pain and searches for Suraj. She faints due to pain and weakness. Suraj keeps waiting then start searching for Ishani. Randeep gives Shiv his resignation letter and asks him to manage everything alone hereafter. He refuses to co-operate with Shiv anymore and leaves. Shiv sees the letter. Security stops Suraj from going inside. Shiv asks him the matter. Suraj says that he is searching for Ishani.

Shiv says that Ishani has left long back. Suraj gets worried and leaves. Ishani lies unconscious infront of Shiv’s car. Shiv starts his car. Suraj spots Ishani and stops Shiv. Shiv sees Ishani and her wound. Suraj gets up in Shiv’s car with unconscious Ishani. Shiv recalls his childhood tragedy. He takes Ishani to the hospital. He shouts to call doctors. Doctor asks about informing the police. Shiv asks him to start the treatment as soon as possible. He threatens him to call his senior.

Shiv and Suraj wait outside the cabin. Puja calls Suraj and learns about Ishani’s condition. Suraj asks her to come to the hospital immediately. Sulochana treats Neeti’s cut. She criticizes Ishani. Neeti and Rachna have an argument. Rachna says that Ishani has cracked a big deal this time. Sulochana calls Ishani cunning. Doctor informs Shiv that Ishani is out of danger now. Doctor says that Ishani has ignored her wound for a long time that’s why she has passed out.

Shiv learns that there is nothing to worry but she needs time to recover. Suraj thanks Shiv for whatever he did for Ishani. Shiv says that one should not run behind money this much. Puja asks Shiv if he has come there to insult them. She lashes out at him for insulting Ishani. Suraj tries to interfere but Puja does not allow him. She blames Shiv for Ishani’s condition. Shiv asks her to shut up and criticizes Puja for not paying attention to Ishani’s wound. The episode ends.

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