Meet 1st October 2022 Written Update: Meet and Masoom steals Isha’s mangalsutra


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The episode starts with Masoom recalling Barfi said Neelam sleeps with her but she is not in the room at night. Masoom decides to ask Barfi if she is aware Neelam is not with her. Masoom wakes Barfi up and asks where is Neelam? she was missing last night too. Barfi gets shocked and asks her how does she know Neelam was not in room last night. Masoom makes excuse of insomnia which is why she noticed Barfi’s room while passing by. Barfi says Neelam went to Jagrata in Gupta ji’s house and she has Gupta ji’s number too. She gives the number to Masoom and tells her to learn whats the truth. She warns Masoom not to suspect Neelam else she will throw her out.

Masoom comes downstairs and thinks what if Neelam is enjoying party night and she calls on Gupta ji’s number to talk to her. Neelam picks it and talks in Punjabi. Masoom asks if she can talk to Neelam. She is not back yet. Neelam replies being Gupta ji that she is singing Bhajan. Masoom thinks Neelam is really a devotee of God. Neelam cuts the call and she is wearing a short dress. She says they are all spying on her all the time. She goes to enjoy the party. Puja asks Kamal that why their wish is not getting fulfilled. Kamal says he will not give up easily. Kamal and Puja hear Meet’s argument with her husband. Meet Ahlawat says he believes in Ghanta Ghar Babaji who can take evil eyes off from the baby. Meet stops him and says its superstition nothing else. How can he believe in that. Meet Ahlawat says he will go to Mannat tree no matter what. He leaves holding the baby and pushes away Meet mistakenly.

Meet gets injured on her forhead and Meet Ahlawat feels guilty. She acts like crying and leaves. One lady says such rituals are not that bad. Meet is too modern. Meet Ahlawat also leaves and Kamal tells Puja they will easily steal the baby now and will handover her to Babaji. Puja says but it can be a trap. Kamal says he will manage everything. Meet holds Meet Ahlawat’s hand and says now they will catch the culprit. Their plan is executed. Ragini tells Ram she is happy that Meet forcibly took Meet Ahlawat to yatra. There he will spend more time with Raj. Babita and Meet will also try hard to unite them. Their issues will get resolved and this family will not break. They both hope for the best. Meet Ahlawat goes near the tree with the baby and there Puja calls her recruit and says the real babaji should not reach mannat tree soon. He will stop her for ten minutes. Meet observes everything. Meet Ahlawat looks here and there.

Raj and Babita learn from an old lady that Meet was fighting with her husband and she got hurt too. He took the baby for superstitious ritual. Raj gets angry hearing that and leaves. Isha panics as she can’t find her mangalsutra. All the women of the house search for the mangalsutra but it’s missing. Isha says Barfi will kill her. Sunaina suggests Ragini to search everyone to check if anyone has the mangalsutra. She says all should cooperate. Masoom recalls she stole it and she puts it in Neelam’s purse without her knowledge. Ragini finds it there and Isha asks Neelam how can she steal it? Neelam says she doesn’t know how it came in her purse. Ragini gets angry. Masoom thinks she can bear the loss of two three lakhs but she doesn’t want to be thrown out of the house because of theft.

Puja asks a random man if he is Babaji, he says no. Her men are keeping eyes on Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat thinks soon the culprit will fall into the trap. A man in disguise of a Babaji comes there. Meet thinks he must be the child kidnapper as theres no Ghanta Ghar Babaji.

Episode ends

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