Meet 26th July 2022 Written Update: Meet Ahlawat makes Meet jealous by praising Manjari


Meet 26th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Manushi telling Meet that she should agree to marry Meet Ahlawat as noone will accept her after leaving his house. Meet says Popat put her in this critical situation and now there’s no way out. She cries and Manushi says she should not worry. She suggests Manjari to marry Meet Ahlawat for now. Then she can divorce him and ask for a huge amount of money as alimony. Meet says Manushi is so cunning.

 Manushi says Manjari should not leave this chance of being rich. Manushi thinks when Manjari will get the property she will snatch everything from her smartly in future. Meet thinks Manushi will never change. Manushi tells her to accept Meet Ahlawat’s marriage proposal as it’s a big offer for her. Meet agrees thinking she will reach her son as soon as possible. Manushi leaves for some time and Meet tries to eat the kheer near temple. But Manushi asks her what she is doing. Meet diverts the topic and leaves.

Popat waits for Meet and the latter says she couldnt even meet Anubha after such a long time. Popat consoles her saying she will meet her mother soon. Meet notices some kids on street and recalls how she shared about her pregnancy with Meet Ahlawat. She gets emotional and she then buys food for the kids and gives them. She treats them with care and Popat wishes that Meet should find her son quickly without delay.

Ahlawats celebrate the Teej festival. Ladies talk about their fast and Babita explains the significance of the fast that couples always stay together after doing this like Shiva and Parvati. Meet thinks she also kept this fast for Meet Ahlawat. Isha gets excited thinking Deep’s family will visit their house for Teej with Shagun. Ram and Ragini get tensed thinking what will they tell Isha. Ram tries to contact Barfi. Barfi doesn’t receive the calls.

Deep asks Barfi to pick the calls but Barfi says she is waiting for the right time. She receives Ram’s call saying she deleted his number. Ram requests her to save his number. He invites her for Teej festival saying he accepted her condition. He will give her the Laxmi idol. He then asks her to come to their mansion with Shagun for Isha. Barfi agrees to come. Later Babita tells Raj to get some rest and there Meet Ahlawat requests Sunaina to let Meet sit on the jhula first.

 Raj says Meet Ahlawat has become romantic. Meet Ahlawat says sorry to Meet for calling her as his ex wife. He says she should not mind. Meet Ahlawat talks romantically with her saying he is getting obsessed for her and wish he could meet her before his ex wife. He tells her to sit on jhula and she avoids him. He makes her wear the anklet saying he never showed all these special gestures for his wife because she was like monkey and desperate kind of girl.

Meet gets irked and he thinks he will make her jealous so much that she will expose her reality. He gets close to her and praises Manjari continuously. Meet shouts at him and tells him to stay away. She reveals she is not Manjari but she is Meet Hooda. Meet Ahlawat smiles hearing that.

Episode ends

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