Mithai 29th July 2022 Written Update: Mithai sells sweets on the streets during her Muh Dikhayi


Mithai 29th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sid sitting on the bed and noticing Mithai’s jewellery. He returns it to Mithai and asks her to not keep it on his bed and not touch his things. Mithai says she didn’t wish to touch his things. Sid says yeah true, forceful marriage and relationship. Mithai says she is forced too and she diesnt wishes to stay with him but it’s Gopal’s wish. Sid is about to say something.

 Mithai says don’t worry, I won’t sleep in the bed as I sleep outside. Sid asks her to turn off the light if combing her hair is fine. Mithai goes out taking the pillow. She feels cold then she turns off AC. Sid wakes up and turns it on. Mithai offs it again. Both fight with each other regarding AC. The remote stops working. Mithai smiles seeing it and goes to sleep. Sid turns on the fan. Mithai says she doesn’t have a problem with a fan. Sid says problems come with her.

Mithai feels cold. She goes inside and tries to take the blanket from Sid but she couldn’t and falls on him. Sid gets shocked. Mithai leaves saying she came to take a blanket. Sid wakes up hearing the snoring sound of Mithai. He records it. Then he sleeps placing cotton in his ears. The next day morning, Mithai wakes up hearing the alarm. She notices Sid is sleeping by placing cotton in his ears. She smiles. Sid asks why she is smiling.

Mithai asks who sleeps placing cotton in their ears. Sid says it’s because of her snoring. Mithai doesn’t believe then Sid says he has proof and shows her the video. Chandrakantha and Harimohan notice it. Mithai asks him to delete the video. Chandrakantha says see how they are fighting in the early morning. Harimohan says love happens with fights. They knock on the door. Mithai opens the door.

Harimohan comes and ask Mithai what is going on. Sid says he can’t stand her in the same room. Harimohan says he will talk to jailer to book two different rooms. Chandrakantha asks him to stop teasing and tells Mithai to get ready at 11 o clock. Chandrakantha is in the preparation for the guests to come. Some guests also come. Harimohan asks Indu to see whether Mithai is ready or not. The guests also talk  about Sid’s marriage. Apeksha comes to the house and the guests praise her that she looks good. The guests says that they thought she will marry Sid as we look at both of you all the time.

Apeksha thinks the guests also think I am perfect match for you Sid and I will prove it. The guests asks for Mithai. Some guests see Mithai selling sweets on the streets. Harimohan calls Mithai asking where she is. Mithai says some jelabi are left she will come after selling them. Chandrakantha says Mithai will be here in a minute. One of the guests say that they saw a girl selling Aloo jelabi on the street. Is she your daughter in law they ask. Then one of the guests say that she might have seen wrong. Abha says it is her old habit to sell Mithai on the streets.

Apeksha says to Sid that Mithai doesn’t respect this family. All the guests are in the house for Muh Dikhayi and she is on the streets selling sweets. Apeksha says how she feels about Sid.

Indu asks Mithai to come inside without anyone seeing. Mithai says she didn’t go steal she went to sell let’s go directly. The guests say something happens all the time in your family marriages. They talk about what happened in Karishma’s marriage. They talk about what happened with Sid. Chandrakantha says whatever happens it is on the wish of Gopal ji. The guests ask how can they allow her to go outside.

 Abha says who can stop her. Mithai comes and says it is her habit to work. Mithai asks do you not work after you are married. Mithai just asks them for their blessings and says she will get ready in a min for Muh Dikhayi. Chandrakantha agrees. Apeksha asks Sid to leave with her to Singapore and they can marry there. So we can shut up everyone. Mithai hears what Apeksha is saying to Sid.

Episode ends.

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